Eternal 5D Data Storage Device

The Superman Memory Crystal can make the Average Data Storage Devices Blush

Superman memory crystal is a whole new kind of digital data storage which allows you to store gargantuan amounts of data. The tiny glass disk can survive for billions of years and has the ability of storing 360 terabytes of information. Mankind can worry less about losing the legacy of documents in the event of an apocalypse because these disks made of nano-structured glass can last billions of years without loss or damage.

The brainchild of this device is a team of scientists from the Optoelectronics Research Centre at the University of Southampton. They engineered the nano-structured glass material which has the ability to store data in five dimensions.

The material of the glass impacts the way in which light goes through the various layers of glass. The nano-structures transform the polarization of light so that it provides the ability of identifying positive as well as negative values to the disk. To record information on the disk, an ultrafast laser is used which strikes the 3 layers nano-structured dots with strong light pulses.

This is how data is stored in five dimensions. The disk is presumed to have a life of 13.8 billion years at 190 degree Celsius and the creators of the disk claim that it can last for virtually unlimited time if kept at room temperature.

“All we’ve learnt will not be forgotten,” told Professor Peter Kazansky who is a part of the team of researchers who built the 5 dimensional data storage device. This technology was revealed in 2013 as a part of an experiment which logged 300 kilobytes of data in 5D.

The Southampton team is still looking for industry partners in order to commercialize this technology. The memory crystal can be of great use to national archives, museums and libraries. Data that will be stored in this device will outlast us all.

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