Emotion Aware Gaming – Affectiva Makes It Possible

All this time, Gaming companies have been investing in motion sensors which made gaming fun and – to an extent – interactive. When we had just about adapted ourselves to motion sensors, a Boston-based start-up, Affectiva, has introduced a software which can identify your emotions while you are playing a video game. Affectiva has been formed out of an MIT Media Lab and the alluring concept created by the company is reaching fever pitch as gamers look forward to try it out.

The first game to debut this technology is the psychological biothriller game Nevermind. Affectiva terms this new wave as emotion-aware gaming. The only thing you need is a software developed by Affectiva and a webcam to experience emotion-aware gaming. The software provides an accurate perception into obstruction levels providing a channel to tune the dynamic difficulty, allowing a smooth playing experience for the player with protracted play sessions.

There are markers placed in the game to attach the accurate emotional state data allowing a synchronization with the player data that is already being collected. Equipped with emotional data, allied with moments which make players quit or purchase, the publisher can reach an accurate profiling and get the analytical edge to upsurge retention or have high conversion rates.

It is now possible to capture an unbiased and unfiltered emotions of the players while testing the game in the market. This helps the developers in intercepting the issues by screening the aggregate emotional responses of the thousands of users at key marked moments of the game.

The marketing and advertising research companies are already using Affectiva’s software to study the reactions of shoppers to advertisements. The program could be potentially applied to legal, automotive and robot markets.

Affectiva is due to showcase its software in the Game Developers Conference during the end of this month in San Francisco. Participants can try the demos of Nevermind and “emotion-aware” games at its booth. The developers can buy the Unity plug-in which they can avail by contacting the company on their email address available at Affectiva’s website.


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