Electricity Gets a New High as Power Paper Revolutionizes Energy Storage

If you are prone to paper cuts then you should steer clear of the revolutionary power paper – The first of its kind to store energy. Swedish researchers at Linkoping University, Sweden have developed the power paper with the help of nano-cellulose and conductive polymer.

The power paper is created of simple materials and can be recharged within seconds. It is waterproof and does not involve any dangerous chemicals or heavy metals. It looks just like paper and feels a little like plastic. It also displays the qualities of a paper which is shown by the researchers who create an origami swan out of the power paper.

The team of researchers created it by breaking down cellulose with the help of high pressure water. The fibers which are approximately 20 nanometers in diameter are added to a water solution which contains an electrically charges polymer. A thin coating is formed by the polymer over the fibers. The liquid between the fibers which are in tangles, functions as an electrolyte as explained by Jesper Edberg who is a part of the team of researchers.

A single sheet of power paper which measure 15 centimeters in the diameter and is around 0.5 millimeter thick, has the ability to store electrical capacitance of 1 farad. This is similar to the amount of energy stored in a super capacitor which is often used in electrical devices.

The use of the power paper depends on the development of an industrial process so that it can be manufactured in large scale. The team may need the help of commercial partners to make the power paper available for commercial use. If they succeed in doing so, then the future may see an increasing number of devices using the power paper.

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