Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Turns 100 Years Old

A century ago, space and time got a facelift when Einstein devised the theory of relativity. On November 25, 1915, Albert Einstein had presented a series of equation to the Prussian Academy which may have seemed obscure at the time but it is now famously known as the theory of relativity.

Albert Einstein

He accomplished this by adding the force of gravity to the equation which resulted in the ability to predict how the mass of an object and its gravitational force can bend light and alter the passage of time. His theory got recognition when in 1919 he correctly predicted that the light of a faraway star will be visible during the solar eclipse which took place in the same year. The reason for this was that the light of the star was refracted by the gravity from our sun. The deflection was observed as predicted and it was in perfect agreement with Einstein’s theory.

The success of his theory was widely commended and it became one of the most intriguing ideas of modern physics. While the theory is a century old now, the idea still remains very fascinating for scientists and physicists. The theory of relativity is still very young in spirit and promises many avenues to those who try to explore it.

The theory of relativity has been the basis of many modern world inventions and concepts. Einstein’s popularity is greatly owed to the theory of relativity and confirmation of a part of it. He is known for his brilliance and the theory of relativity has undoubtedly survived the test of time. There is only one part of his prediction that still needs proof, and that is the existence of gravitational waves. This part of his theory is still resting on unfounded grounds but the European Space Agency plans to put it into test soon.

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