CoWriter – Children Learn as They Teach a Robot

Imagine yourself in your classroom during those early years when a certain ideology or a particular logic explained by your teacher simply felt like a labyrinth of words where you lost yourself not knowing how to find the right exit. We’ve been through the time when one topic or another did not make enough sense and asking too many questions got too embarrassing.

Children often develop self-esteem issues early in life when they are unable to grasp something being taught in school which in turn may lead to certain behavioral problems in the future. Researchers from École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) have created a robot which can help children learn by allowing the children to teach the robot.


CoWriter is a robot learning system that will help children who have problems learning to write or have handwriting issues. The robot which is known as NAO has been developed by Aldebaran Robotics and is designed with a series of algorithms which the robot utilizes to give children the impression that it is learning to write with their help. This in turn motivates the children to teach the robot the correct formations and improve their own handwriting in the process of doing so.

While it is too early to discuss the results of such a program, there are certain benefits that can hardly be disregarded. Research has shown positive results when it comes to learning through the act of teaching. This is an approach that can benefit students who cannot easily understand certain concepts. While the robot’s learning system is limited to handwriting, Co-writer can undoubtedly make a difference in educational systems.

This system of learning is also beneficial for children who live in a technologically progressive world. Co-writer can help them embrace the benefits of technology at an early age and familiarize them to robots as well.

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