Connie – A Hilton Worldwide and IBM project to bring AIs into the service industry

Employment opportunities at Hilton Worldwide are not just for humans, robots may soon find a place at Hilton’s plush lobbies. Connie is an IBM creation that now sits near the reception area of Hilton McLean hotel property in Virginia. Connie’s job is work as a concierge to assist visitors and personalize the guest appearance. She can provide information which can help you plan your trips too.

Her name is inspired from the founder of the Hilton brand of hotels – Conrad Hilton. For those who never miss out on developments in the tech world, Connie is powered by IBM’s Watson. For the uninitiated, Watson is an Artificial Intelligence machine that was developed by IBM. As it is with AIs, they continue to learn. Connie is also learning more and more as she interacts with guests every day.

She answers in a friendly tone and is as informative as can be. The hotel will be able to check the logs for questions asked to Connie which can help them to enhance their customer experience by making improvements in the services offered.

The service industry finds robots to be a great way to serve their customers. It gives them the opportunity to focus on customers who need their assistance while robots like Connie could handle customers who are looking for general information. This means the efficiency of the hotel staff increases with Connie taking a place in the reception area.

As technology advances, we hope robotics to be better and more refined than what they are now. While visitors enjoy talking to Connie, her presence will be more meaningful if she is developed to provide proper guest engagement. At this time, the endeavors of Hilton Worldwide and IBM are interesting. Connie is an introduction to a world where robots may soon be seen more frequently.

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