Choosing the Right Achievable Life Goals

There are some people that set goals all of the time. They have things that they want to achieve and they work towards them. Once they have achieved them, they then make a new set of goals for themselves. Other people do not really set goals. They may have things that they want to achieve but not really spend a lot of time thinking about them or working towards them.
One important part of setting goals is to make sure that you are choosing ones that really suit you. You need to consider what you really what to achieve in life. Think about something that you really desire and want, something that you can get passionate about. This is important because if you set a goal that you don’t really want or have reservations about achieving, then it is likely that you will not be successful.
Imagine that you think you want to win the lottery. You may like the idea of paying off your mortgage and having some great holidays and giving up work. However, there is guilt associated with having a lot of money as you may feel that you need to give money to your friends and family and you will have to choose who deserves it or whether you give any to charity. These worries, may just be at the back of your mind and they could be stopping you from achieving what you think you want. Therefore, it may be best to stop buying lottery tickets as winning is not really what you want.
Think about the things that you have always wanted such as perhaps being married, having a family, having a good job, having a certain car, buying a house or whatever. You could achieve these goals if you set your mind to it and so these are the sorts of things that you should aim for.

Video How to Set and Achieve your Life Goals

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