Brave – Re-inventing the Browsing Experience

Brendan Eich, the former Mozilla CEO has announced launch of an Internet browser that takes annoyance out of the web browsing experience – Brave, a browser that is free of ads and cookies. The browser blocks everything except content that you specifically want. This means you are going to have an ad-free experience if you switch to Brave. The browser will continue to allow clean ads which are meant to fund website owners as well as Brave users. All Brave users will have the option to spend their funds in order to go ad-free on websites that they use most often.

This will be a welcome change for internet users who find the ads to be too intrusive. With websites trying to follow us everywhere and web pages loading slowly because of the ads, Brave can help us with a cleaner web experience. Some websites end up compromising privacy with cookies and some may even put malware on the device you are using without you realizing this.

HTTPS Everywhere has been integrated into the browser. This ensures that user data moves across the safest possible pipe. In doing so, the browser blocks Tracking Cookies and Tracking Pixels so you will not be prompted to purchase stuff that you were browsing through a couple of days earlier.

Reportedly, Brave software has raised $2.5 million from Angel Investors. In his endeavors, Brendan Eich has been joined by long-time allies, Brian Bondy and Kevin Grandon. Brian Bondy has worked on Firefox and Khan Academy and Kevin Grandon has worked on the Firefox OS and WebVR. Additionally, the company has employed Marshall Rose who is a network protocol engineer and Yan Zhu who has worked on SecureDrop and TOR.

Brave makes a bold statement. The 0.7 developer version of the browser has been released for testers and early adopters. It will be available across iOS, OSX, Android, Windows as well as Linux.

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