Investigation on the Brainchild of Bitcoin Takes a Mysterious Turn

The controversies surrounding Satoshi Nakamato takes an interesting turn as we have a new revelation about the brainchild of Bitcoin. The decentralized, peer to peer payment network has had the name Satoshi Nakamato attached to it since the beginning; however the world is still looking for the true identity of the founder of Bitcoin.

Investigations have often ended without any results when it comes to finding who the real Satoshi Nakamato is. A 64-year old engineer from California who went by the same name, was thought to be the founder, but he explicitly denied any involvement with Bitcoin in a letter to Felix Salmon who was a financial blogger at Reuters at the time when the letter was written.

Wired and Gizmodo published pieces which pointed towards Craig Steven Wright as the founder of Bitcoin. Craig Wright is an Australian entrepreneur and a computer security researcher. A number of evidence and clues showed that Wright could be the possible founder of Bitcoin. However, there is a possibility that he is a hoaxer who is under the pretense of being the creator of Bitcoin.

Bitcoins have been used by many merchants and it is gradually gaining popularity. On the con side, the use of Bitcoins by criminals has garnered the attention of financial regulators as well as law enforcement bodies. It is predicted that Bitcoin users are bound to grow and it will reach the 5 million mark by 2019.

If Bitcoins were to get more attention from users worldwide, then the founder of Bitcoins is bound to get attention as well. So, the chances of investigations on the creator of Bitcoin may not fade away very quickly. Inventing a powerful currency like the Bitcoin is no small task after all.

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