Atlas Is Boston Dynamics Latest Creation and It Takes Robotics to the Next Level

Boston Dynamics is a powerhouse of innovative brains that have ceaselessly introduced us to new and advanced robots. The Google-owned company recently released a video of their latest humanoid robot – ATLAS which is quieter, smarter and a lot steadier on its feet than any of the previous robots that we have come across. The latest iteration of Boston Dynamics’ ATLAS is shown walking through rough terrain without losing its balance. You can see it pick boxes and open doors as it is harassed by a man with a hockey stick.

Apparently, the person who tries to push ATLAS and knock the boxes that the bot is trying to pick, is testing the compensatory systems of the robot. The bipedal robot shows outstanding stability. When it is pushed, the robot takes a few steps backwards to stabilize itself. When the robot falls on the ground as a result of a push, it automatically brings itself back to its feet. For a bipedal robot to be able to display such outstanding capabilities is amazing.

The robot weighs 82 kg which is much lighter than its predecessor which weighed 152kg. ATLAS has a lot of sensors and stereo cameras along with the surveying technology Lidar built into it. ATLAS utilizes a laser light which helps it estimate distances pick out its target. The robot is one of the best humanoid robots that we have come across so far, and the thing that sets it apart from other robots is the fact that it is not tethered to a bunch of cords or cables that can power it.

ATLAS widens the horizons of robotics and proves that there is a possibility that robots can soon make it to our homes as domestic helpers or may be used in the production line in factories. It has come a long way since the first ATLAS robot from Boston Dynamics was created.

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