Areion- Group T Engineers Exploration in the Green Technology

Have you ever imagined the manufacturing of cars without undergoing any Batch Production process? Do you believe that the car can be manufactured by a 3d-Printer? And the answer should be yes.

As the technology is gaining exponentially as the day passes, the 16 member next generation Engineers from Group-T have manufactured the world’s first 3D- Printed race car by using the Stereolithography process (the process that prints slice by slice from bottom to top in a vessel) known as AREION. The word taken from the Greek mythology representing the immortal horse, is an example of Green Technology. Let’s explore it further.

This green technology beast has set a record by going from 0 km/h to 100km/h in just 4 sec by achieving 141km/h. It has been manufactured with the cutting edge technology by using Additive Manufacturing (AM), Electric drive train, Bio composite materials. The software used for manufacturing of AREION is provided by the Materialise (Leader in Additive Manufacturing (AM)). The Mammoth Stereolithography is a unique technology which was invented to manufacture the AREION. The green technology revolution AREION was manufactured in just 3 weeks with the help of the Materialise Engineers.


Shell Design to 3D Printed Car

The MATERIALISE Engineers have used the 3-Matic technology to create the 3D- printed car body with clips and the connection points. This process is done in the first week of the manufacturing process.

Next the engineers have taken up the Skin Textures of the car which is a resemblance of a swimming suit, the teeth like ridges on the skin have improved the performance of the car.

Moving on to the side parts of the car, the right and the left pods are printed by complex cooling channels. The left pod of the car contains the nozzle behind the radiator and a diffuser and the right pod contains complex channels which are used to remove the dirt and water.

Recognition for the Green Innovation

The master minds (Formula Group T team) behind the Green Innovation was awarded the Best Teamwork award by Airbus and Koen Hambrecht’s while the Craig Dawson was awarded the most valuable team member for his innovation in drive train. This team has finished in 11th position and found to be on the top with the other Teams in the competition.


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