Apple’s Smaller Creation – The 4-inch iPhone SE

Apple recently released the 4 inch iPhone SE. What happened to the crowding race of bigger and thinner phones that can pack a lot more power and add more fun to your phone experience? Did we just regress into the years when phones were small and were used in a very limited way? Even the number of users smartphone manufacturers were dealing with were far lower than today. So what made Apple move back in time to create a phone that got smaller and had some of its latest features missing from it?

The new iPhone SE is a 4inch phone that uses the A9 chipset, which makes it as powerful as the iPhone 6 and 6s when it comes to performance. Apple explains that the reason behind the 4-inch phone is the fact that it was one of the most beloved designs of Apple users. So they have remodeled it, with a better finish and some of Apple’s recent tech inventions like Live Photos. You can also use the phone to shoot 4K videos and capture photos with its 12 megapixel camera. The phone is available with two storage options – 16GB and 64GB. It will cost you $399 or more to buy the iPhone SE.

The absence of 3D Touch is questionable with the SE being the latest iPhone model, but we are thinking Apple has reserved this technology for superior phones only. The SE is modestly priced which means it puts iPhones within the reach of a larger audience but we may have to rethink going to a smaller phone when most of the apps are focused on larger screens.

The iPhone SE could have been a great phone if it made its appearance a few years earlier when we loved the idea of small phones and found large phones to be outright obnoxious. But smartphone users have evolved and so have the smartphones. The only reason users may buy this 4-inch phone is because they were never able to adapt to the large screens.

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