Apple denies FBI’s request to create a back door into iPhone

Apple’s refusal to enable a backdoor to the iPhone used by the San Bernardino attacker is being met by criticism as well as acclamation. On one side, people who revere privacy are with Apple on its bold decision to stand strong against the orders of the court. On the other hand, we have friends and family of the San Bernardino victims who feel that justice is not done by Apple’s denial for a key. Apple has created a strong case for itself by writing a letter which has been addressed to all Apple customers.

The letter points out the reasons why the company has decided to take such a step. Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook has mentioned in the letter that the company has no sympathy for terrorists and it has provided the FBI data which was in their possession. Additionally, the letter states that help has also made Apple engineers available for the FBI if advice of any kind will be needed.

The importance of encryption

Smartphones are an essential part of our lives. These devices store a lot of important information about us which can bring a lot of harm if it goes into the wrong hands. Photos, conversations, calendar details, financial information and our health data are easily available through our phones.

An encryption protects all of this data from falling into the hands of the wrong people. Smartphone users expect the companies to protect all this data through a strong encryption. Apple uses a robust encryption system to ensure the safety of data of its iPhone users.

The outcome of a backdoor

The FBI wants Apple to create an iOS which does not have most of its important security features. This operating system will then be installed in the iPhone which was recovered during the San Bernardino case investigation. The result is that the FBI will then be able to access the information available on the phone without any threat of destruction of data. FBI’s intentions to use the key that will be created by Apple is undeniably good, however, there is a risk that the key may reach the wrong hands.

The outcome can then be disastrous for Apple which would have put all its customers at risk. This is a step that can cause great harm to Apple which is why the tech giant firmly believes in strengthening its security system instead of weakening it by creating a back door.

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