Android 5.0 Lollipop OS Review and Best Features

Android 5.0 Lollipop OS has been consistently rolled out since last year, and it is quickly becoming the main OS for newer Android devices. If you haven’t received your Lollipop update yet, you can check whether your device is set for the update, and if it is, you should check System Update immediately in your Settings. The OTA update might already be available for you to download. The size of the OTA update is approximately 400 MB, although it might be less than that. While upgrading from previous versions of Android, the update process will keep the current data of your phone intact (including installed Apps, contact, pictures, and so on).

Here are 5 best features of the new Android Lollipop OS:

1. Better Notification System

When you swipe down the upper screen of your Android device, you will see a new notification system that is in place. Slide once for immediate notifications and slide it again for various quick shortcuts that will give you access to many features of the phone. You can adjust the brightness right from your notification screen, as well as activating the Bluetooth and Wi-fi connection. You can also activate flashlight mode, GPS, mobile hotspot, cellular data, as well as switch device preference from portrait mode to auto-rotate mode.

2. Integration Of Chrome Browser With Recent Apps

The recent apps feature will give you tiles upon tiles of Apps that you’ve opened in your Android device so that you can access them easily anytime. The smooth scrolling makes it easier for you to find the right recently used App that is buried deep inside the tiles. Not only that, you can also find your recent tabs used in the Chrome browser are now listed and available in your Recent Apps.

3. The New Material Design

The new material design of the Android Lollipop software gives your device a new and more modern look. The new material design is also available in various Google-related Apps such as Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and the like. You can also find the new material design being applied in the user-interface of the new Android OS.

4. Richer Lock Screen Features

With Android Lollipop OS, you will be able to set the notification to be displayed on your lock screen. So, you don’t need to unlock your phone just to see an SMS message from a friend, or to see an email message from a colleague. The integration between the native notification system and the lock screen in Android 5.0 will help to improve your experience with the device. But, don’t worry, you are always in control of what types of notifications that will be displayed on your lock screen.

5. More Fluid Animation

The more fluid animation that is available in Android Lollipop OS will make you to feel each transition, touch and gesture for an even more intuitive and responsive experience. With smooth transition between Apps or between pages in your homescreen, you will feel a nice sensation when using your device. You can even see the fluid animation when you type your text message, or even when you open a new App. It’s all there to provide a more pleasant user experience and make a smoother transition between tasks in your device.

So, have you upgraded your phone with Android 5.0 Lollipop yet? If you haven’t upgraded your device yet, upgrade now and start to experience the advanced features of this Operating System.


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