Return of Eric: UK’s First Robot

The London Science Museum has hurled a new movement; funding of UK’s first robot Eric.

Eric was initially built in 1928 and was the first hominid robot which enthralled the spectators with its actions and dialogue. He toured the earth as a showcase for revolutionary technology but suddenly vanished in the 1930s. The museum is now attempting to raise funds for £35,000 to rebuild Eric, and in lesser time they have already managed to collect £6,000.

Alan Reffell and Captain William H Richards were the British geniuses who created Eric. The robot is mainly made of aluminum and weighs 45kg; Eric could move his limbs, stand and even rotate his head. The most impressive thing about Eric back in 1928 was that it could respond to certain commands and speak but only in cautiously coped appearances.

Assembling Eric

According to the museum curator Ben Russell, Eric held a special place in the history of UK. The team has already started their work and have managed to track down the families of the inventors and lay their hands on the original pictures, technical diagrams and drawings.

Giles Walker is a part of the team and the robotics artist intends to rebuild Eric as closely as possible using contemporary mechanisms.

Eric was built in a very short notification for the London Engineering Exhibition of 1928, when the crucial speaker plummeted out of his inaugural speech. In its place, the machine was planned to make the initial speech. Just like any human would do, Eric stood up and began his address “Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, it gives me great pleasure…”.

The robot was loved by the audience when he went out for exhibitions but somewhere in 1930 he suddenly disappeared.

If the project is accomplished, Eric will be the main piece of work of a new robotic display, which will run from February to September 2017.

The development of modern robotics from an iron manikin to the toy robots will be the main theme of the exhibition.

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