Education Access provides teachers and school librarians

Education Access provides teachers and school librarians with the tools they need to apply new technologies for teaching and learning and promote public and school library collaboration.

Many students are not receiving the education they deserve because of inadequate curriculum development, lack of skills on the part of teachers and under-development of the nation’s school libraries. Further, few schools collaborate with public libraries to build community-wide access to the standards, skills and content required for educational achievement.

The goal of Education Access is to transform the context for teaching and learning from one in which reference and research resources are scarce to one in which they are plentiful.

Education Access sites involve teams of teachers, school librarians and public librarians in inter-disciplinary teams that work together to identify the resources needed to create challenging and engaging curricula appropriate to help students meet local educational standards. Activities include training, project planning, curricula module exchange and technology skills building. Participants have access to:

  • A Summer Education Access Institute
  • Year round workshops for teachers and school librarians
  • In-service professional development
  • The Education Access Manual, which includes guides for curriculum research, library collection development, website authoring, library and Internet research
  • Documentation, evaluation reports and dissemination of best practices from other school districts and library-school collaborations.

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