Trello – Organize, Manage and Complete Your Tasks More Systematically with Trello

Post-it notes are so synonymous to reminders that every time I simple see one I am reminded of a task I have to do. But that is just me, and I know that post-its are used as reminders by loads of other people with busy schedules, back-to-back meetings and time-crunched lifestyles. They became so popular that when apps became commonplace, these vibrant little post-its found their way into the brains of quite a few developers who beautifully crafted apps for us to ensure these highly functional bits of papers made their way into our phones as smoothly as cell phones made their way into every household. I have been talking about post-its so much because Trello, bears a familiar resemblance to these sticky notes we leave around the fridge or on our workstations.

Similar to post-its, Trello is created around brightly colored boards which you can organize in a fashion that you prefer. Everything from jotting down notes to creating checklists are made easy with Trello. And if you are done with one of the cards you can simply toss it into your digital trash can. It was created for the purpose of making projects and collaboration easier, but its popularity spread so quickly that today Trello is used for a lot more. The Trello Development Board is easy to use and features everything that helps you keep a track of your project’s development.

This means that you do not have to spend additional time scouring through loads of checklists and mails to ensure things are moving in the right direction. With everything in the same place, you have a more systematic approach where everything that is being done is presented to you clearly in a single board.

The To-Do lists become easier to use when you mark everything that is done, not done, and those that are between the two. On simple apps I end up using more than one to-do list in order to track progress of a project, but with Trello you do not have to worry about too many lists because everything is available on one single list for you.

If you are working on a project where you need feedback about something, Trello will help you get feedback on any ideas that you or your team has on the project. The members can vote for an idea and you can base your decisions regarding the project on the votes.

But that is not all that Trello can do. An app that was created with project management in mind has made it to our homes to. Think of grocery lists, your food menu, things you have to do during the day even scheduling the dates on which you have to pay your utilities. All of this made easy through Trello. For those who lean towards visuals for reminders would love the fact that you can add photos too. This means it does go beyond the traditional post-its to make things even easier.

For those who crave RSS feeds, you also have the option to add RSS feed to Trello with the help of Zapier. You can automatically add stuff from the RSS feed and sort the ones you need from the ones you do not. Your Trello board is a bulletin where you can organize all your tasks, ideas and notes. It helps you get a clean visual on how things are so that you can determine the next steps that you can take. From being used collaboratively to track projects to being used alone for individual planning, Trello is flexible and can be used for a lot of things.

You also have the option to make things public or keep it private. You may add people and give them rights to edit or simply give them read-only privileges. While the default set up of Trello has three cards in the board that read To Do, Doing and Done. This really works because when you have a project at hand which is going to take more than a day, it makes sense to jot down what you are doing so that you know where to start the next day. You can color your labels according to the project you have. To prioritize things you can go with the Low, Medium, High for different colors. But that is just one way of looking at it; for the creative mind, Trello has endless options when it comes to manage and organize things.

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