The New Apple TV – Bringing Home a Powerful Entertainment Device

The new Apple TV is available in the market for the price of $149 for a model with 32GB storage, while the 64GB model costs $199. Apple has included some great features like a remote control with a touch pad and Siri for voice recognition and search. A lot of people choose Apple for the over-the-top features available and because of the great experience it provides to the viewers. While the market for set top boxes is dominated by other providers, Apple has chosen to finally increase its presence in the television market by introducing the new Apple TV.

Remote Control

The set top box comes with a remote that provides one of the best experiences to the users. It feels great to use a remote which is equipped with a responsive touchpad so users can go through the menu and TV listings with the easy movements of their thumb on the touchpad.

The Touchpad on the remote makes your gaming experience much better and you do not have to buy a separate controller for gaming.


Siri, enables users to search through the menu easily as you talk aloud to it. Siri is one of the best Voice Recognition apps available for televisions. The voice recognition system not only allows users to search for TV shows it can also help indecisive users by displaying a list of shows or movies that they can watch based on critic reviews. All you would have to say is ‘What TV shows can I watch?’ and let Siri do the rest of the work.


When it comes to design, Apple has chosen not to sway from the original design, keeping the look and feel of the new Apple TV similar to its predecessor that was launched more than three years ago. The latest version is a tad taller and weighs 5.4 ounces more than the previous model.

Home Page and App Store

The Apple TV home page allows complete customization so that users can organize their apps according to their preferences. The app store is similar in look and style to that of the iPhone. The overwhelming number of apps available on the new Apple TV aims at enhancing your experience with the set top box. Unfortunately you do not have the option to search for apps using your voice which is an option available in Roku and Amazon Fire TV. So users have to use the onscreen keyboard to get through to the apps they are searching for.

While app developers are still working on bringing apps to the Apple TV, the device is best used when users are already hooked on to other Apple devices as TV shows and movies available on iTunes and the App Store can be streamed on the TV. Talking about apps, the graphics for playing games appear well and it appears that developers have chosen to work towards creating the right effects for the big screen.


The two storage options available for the users are 32GB and 64GB. For those who want to store lots of games on the box would like to go for the bigger storage. The new Apple TV accesses photos and videos from the cloud so you would not have to worry about those files eating into your storage space.

What’s Amiss?

With all these amazing features, the new Apple TV is becoming popular among many users. However, the one thing that many users are missing is the presence of Amazon Prime video. While there is an app for Amazon Prime videos for iPhones and iPads, the new Apple TV seems to have excluded the application. For customers who are regular users of Amazon Prime Video, the new Apple TV has other options like Netflix. The reason for the exclusion is unclear and may sound like a war between the two tech giants who wish to stay ahead without supporting each other.


To wrap it up, the new Apple TV delivers a spectacular experience when it comes to entertainment. The interface is user friendly and Siri makes it extremely easy for users to interact with the device. While we do miss Amazon’s Prime Video, Apple has included other apps to make videos available to its users. Armed with an innovative remote control Apple TV is undoubtedly a great entertainment device.

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