Surface Pro 4 Review: Best Tablet with Windows 10

Surface Pro 4 doesn’t seem to be altogether different from its predecessor Surface Pro 3. The design is quite similar, has ability to Windows programs and has a detachable keyboard. Surface Pro 4 is designed in such a way that it is easy to use.

If you want a budgeted tablet, then surely Surface Pro 4 is not made for you. Spending $899 provides you the base model Surface Pro 4 without detachable keyboard and $1430 for keyboard as well. It is indeed plenty of money, and you need to be sure if it is really made for you or not.


Microsoft has refined the design of Surface Pro 3 instead of changing it to a new one. It has got magnesium made alloy chassis, and is also thinner (dimensions being 8.4mm vs 9.1mm), weight has also reduced (784 grams vs 1 kg) and it has got a Microsoft logo of silver color on the backside instead of the old Surface logo.

It has got a subtle taper so that you can sit for hours comfortably having a nice grip on it, thus making it suitable for viewing websites and apps on the bright display, which has got a 3:2 aspect ratio similar to an A4 paper. Display’s bezels have been slimmed down by Microsoft to a point such that you can easily grip its sides when you hold it as a tablet, without obscuring any edges of screen.

The shrinkage of bezels downwards has also let Microsoft in raising the display size from 12 inches to an increase of 12.3 inches as well as also increasing the resolution of pixels from previous 2,160 x 1,440 to 2,736 x 1,824. It has also become the sharpest display of any Windows tablet being at 267 PPI from Surface Pro 3’s 216 PPI. It is pretty bright for outdoor usage, where highly reflective nature of the screen may cause problems.

Scaling has been set to 200% as a default option, which makes the text to be very clear whether you are looking at the menus, typing some documents, or may be reading PDF docs.


This tablet has been aimed for digital artists. The surface pen has been created with numerous improvements and being only 22grams, it is very light and you feel comfortable while using it for poking and scribbling the display. It gets powered down automatically to minimize the power usage when it is not in use. According to Microsoft, it can last up to 365 days with a single charge.

The Pen’s sensor has also been upped to 1024 levels of pressure from the earlier 256. Also, the gap between glass panel and the display below it has been reduced significantly. Drawing or writing with pen has become more natural with the technology called PixelSense. It includes a USB port 3.0, micro SD card reader, mic/headphone jack and a Display Port. 802.11ac Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth 3.0 have been provided for communication features.


Depending upon the power you need, it is available with 6 different configurations. The base model has Intel Core m3 processor in it, while the top model has Core i7 processor. It shows a great performance and no slowdown is noticed, as it can resize an image of 70MP to 900 pixels within a few seconds.

It offers an advantage over tablets like iPad that you are allowed to play desktop games in Surface Pro 4 along with apps from Windows 10. It can easily run Spartan Assault games from Microsoft Store without any slowdown problem. Its battery lasts for around 3 hours and 15 minutes if you browse internet, play videos from YouTube, and playing games. With a brightness of 75% and normal usage, it can last up to 7 hours.


It has got a new keyboard which is lighter, thinner and has redesigned keys so that you can use it all day to bash out words instead of the occasional typing. The keys provide faster and comfortable tying experience. It can be easily clipped to the underside of Surface Pro as it is magnetic and requires a small force to take it out.

Surface Pro 4’s back has a kickstand for multi-positioning which allows you to use the display at different angles. If you use the tablet at a flat angle, you can easily use it for drawing.


Its nice build quality, bag-friendly dimensions, bright screen and slim look makes it a fantastic replacement for laptop in its own way. Surface Pro 4 is a good choice if you want to have a device which can replace your laptop which can double up as a tablet also. It provides everything except any app which is not available over Microsoft store and the battery life is a little less.

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