Solar Ride – Bengaluru Offsets Pollution by Introducing ElecRic to its Streets


The world is grappling with a situation where our natural resources are diminishing far more quickly than they can be replaced. The number of vehicles used throughout the world has increased to extraordinary numbers. Many people own more than one vehicle now and every vehicle needs fuel to run on. This brings us to the point that our fuel resources are fairly limited.

While they may not be on the verge of ending immediately, over a period of time we may be able to luxuriate when it comes to fuels. The good thing is that most people are aware of this problem, but the downside is that we are not doing much to solve it. Our focus should be more on the use of clean energy which avoids pollution and reduces the dependence on fuels.

Companies have started noticing this problem too and governments are encouraging companies to go green. We have already started noticing the green culture being accepted by companies.


RJMS-EV is an Indian company that has catapulted into every one’s notice when it launched auto rickshaws that run on solar power. They have named in ElecRic and it costs INR 2 lakhs only. This auto, the first of its kind, does not emit anything which means that ElecRic’s contribution to pollution is zero. RJMS-EV claims that ElecRic has a maintenance cost of only INR 1 per km.

With an extremely low maintenance cost and the ability to run a substantial distance, this auto rickshaw is getting popular by the hour. At this time these auto ricksaws can be seen on the streets of Bengaluru only. Once the pilot project is successful the company will be able to take it to other cities in India.

RJMS-EV is located in Bengaluru and manufactures electric vehicles and components and it has spent 4 crores on this project. The company explains that the government has been encouraging the endeavors of entrepreneurs, the solar power sector and mobility providers to go green. The solution provided by RJMS-EV can be accommodated by the two-stroke auto rickshaws to contribute to the reduction of pollution in the city of Bengaluru.

How it works

ElecRic was officially launched on March 5, 2016 as a pilot project. The auto needs a 5 hour charge to run 110 km. The battery is charged fully in 5 hours. At this time, there are no charging stations on the road which limits the drivers to a certain extent. Umesh Chandra who is one of the directors at RJMS-EV suggests that the government should make efforts to create charging stations at vantage points where drivers can charge ElecRic.

If the points where the charging stations are created are close to metro or bus stations, drivers will have the added advantage of picking up commuters from these points which helps them solve the last mile problem for the passengers. Very often commuters face a problem looking for a mode of transportation from the bus station or metro to their homes. ElecRic can become a possible solution for them.


RJMS-EV’s initiative to make public transportation leave no pollution footprints at all is commendable. While the project is at an early stage and the outcome is still unknown, an initiative like this can help us take a step towards a greener world. There are many companies around the world who have been trying to limit their carbon footprint too and while many have succeeded, the world still needs large scale initiatives like this to control pollution on a higher level. If the pilot project succeeds, there is a possibility that the entire country of India may soon be seen using these auto rickshaws.

While our attempts at car-pooling and taking a bus or a train to work may help us contribute to a certain extent to reducing pollution, ElecRic can bring it down to zero. That is something the world is in dire need of. In fact even consumers have become smart and have started choosing products that leave a smaller carbon footprint or those that do not create any pollution at all.

With the smart users of today who prefer going green, ElecRic is bound to get support from the people. An admirable effort like this can hardly go unseen.

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