Social Perspectives of Martial Arts and Trainees Safety

“It pays a bad teacher if there is still a student.” (Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra, 1885) This quote refers to the possibility of making a choice, that of self-realization for those who have the tools and social environment to gain control of their emancipation. This does not mean at all that some people are excluded, but they should be aware of what holds them to grow and evolve. Think freely on what is happening around us, in this case the world of martial arts. In this regard, the wear seems full responsibility for the consequences of disillusionment, or even the satisfaction to learn and understand the information contained in this site. Now for the part symbolic, so meaningful, contemporary martial arts covered with a glass of social criticism.

We accept that the common point of the myriad of martial arts was awarded the desire to survive, it is possible for people today to satisfy subsequent needs: to live, speak, and actualized achieve in the eyes of people who simply recognize our human value.

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