Predictions of Harari: AI vs. Human Beings

The warnings have been predicted long back and it is hard to ignore them. In the verge of making intelligent computers, humanity will beckon a demon which will summon the end of days. We are building silicon assassins instead of silicon assistants. The story of the doomsday of an malevolent artificial intelligence has been told many times but our destiny at the hand of clever robots might be shoddier; we might be bringing upon ourselves a class of perpetually useless humans.

A future which has been predicted by a famous lecturer of Jerusalem at the Hebrew University, Yuval Noah Harari whose book‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind ‘mentions about how more and more of humans will be moved out of employment by smart robots.

Harari book was a hit and talk for many round tables, he got busy with his book which was in line to his first book and this time the book is named ‘Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow’. The book will be in the market by September this year but there are some early copies which are already in circulation.


According to Harari there are two types of abilities which make the humans useful: cognitive and physical. The Industrial Revolution might have left many jobless where there was need of repeated actions and strength. The overthrow was however not overpowering, with cognitive powers that machines could not harm, the humans were pretty safe in their work areas. For how longer is a pretty big question? The Artificial Intelligence is now starting to outdo humans in the cognitive fields too. Although there will be new jobs, whether humans will do it better than the robots, computer and AI’s is not sure.

He argues about people who are jobless are still valued and the state takes care of them. The workers soldiers working with our political and economic systems are all important. There are many job roles now which have been assigned to the machines, if this continues to happen our economic and political systems will fail to attach value to humans.

He also says even if the people stopped providing to the State, the State would continue to provide for them. The problem would be to provide them with something without a meaning. For the many that will not be happy at the view of an after-work world, they might be satisfied with something they would have to pay for where we would have to pay for good moods and immerse ourselves in a Virtual World for delight and emotional attachments.

Man might know many things but they might not essentially have the visualization and the legitimacy to decide the future path of mankind.

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