PlayStation VR – Superb Experience and an Ergonomic Design Puts Sony at the Forefront of VR Headsets

Technology is contagious, you see one company come up with something cool, and the next moment there are a lot of other companies who have created the same thing with maybe some more swag and even better specs. We ditch the company that pioneered it and pick up the cooler stuff praising the quality and power of the product. That’s the kind of users companies are trying to woo today. We are unpredictable and finicky about the stuff we have. This brings me to the technology of Virtual Reality (VR) which by the way is not new at all. It has existed since the 1950s, but it has been refined recently to make the technology more applicable in our daily lives.

Virtual reality headsets have been making the rounds in the tech market for a few years now, but very recently, almost all the tech companies have suddenly produced some really cool VR headsets that take VR to the next level. In all the hubbub of virtual reality, Sony has announced a VR headset of its own which is due to hit the stores in October 2016 and will be called PlayStation VR. It will set you back by $399 which makes it more affordable than the other two high profile VR headsets – Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

The price you pay is for the headset and the necessary cables that are needed to use it, but you still need a PlayStation too be able to use it. The headset does not include the motion-tracking Move controllers or the PlayStation camera either which means that you must be prepared to pay for the camera as well which costs another $60.

The 5.7 inch headset has a 1080p OLED display and a 100 degree field of view and the refresh rate is 120 Hz. Sony’s PlayStation VR is a headset that doesn’t really use phones or PCs to connect to. Instead it connects to the PS4. Sony has sold over 36 million PS4s around the world which makes the PlayStation VR a device that already has a massive, culpable market to explore which remains largely untouched.

There is a possibility that Sony may be able to attract more people to join the PlayStation creed with the chance of using the ultra-cool PSVR which is undoubtedly one of the best VR headsets I have come across.

The PlayStation VR is a tethered headset which takes the help of specially built curved lenses which magnify and stretch a 5.7 inch screen. The PSVR has a lot of sensors built into it which help the device figure out which way your head is pointing, which means, even if you looked around, you will find a fragment of the virtual world which would have been there if you were actually present there.

It has a decent resolution although it may get blurry at times and you may end up seeing pixels at times too but for most part of it, it works to make your games enjoyable. The design is more ergonomic than other VR headsets and has the ability to accommodate people who wear eye glasses too.

Sony advertises the headset as a social one because you can hook up the headset with your TV and have your friends and family watch whatever you are watching. In fact you can also play games together this way instead of being alienated from the rest of the world.

The games

Sony has announced that the PSVR will have 50 games by launch among which the biggest one announced is Star Wars Battlefront. Other games that you wouldn’t want to miss are Eagle Flight which is Ubisoft’s experimental VR demo, the multiplayer game Eve: Valkyrie, PlayStation exclusive Golem, Rez Infinite which is a PS4 recreation of Sega’s psychedelic rail-shooter Rez, Ace Combat which is still in the development phase, The London Heist which had garnered a lot of interest at the E3 and Final Fantasy XIV which hardly needs an introduction.


This year seems to be one that is going to see the launch of many VR headsets which promise loads of fun and an awe-inspiring experience and it appears that Sony does not want to be left behind in the race.

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