Google Pixel C – Brilliance Personified

When tablets were introduced, the markets saw an overwhelming rise in the demand for the device. Every phone manufacturer took to the production of tablets and many people anticipated that tablets would soon replace laptops. Now that tablets have been in the market for quite some time, the laptops are yet to lose their importance and tablets have their own set of fans. Google Pixel C has made its entrance at a time when the tablets are gradually transitioning into laptops. The Pixel C is undoubtedly one of the most powerful Android tablets.


The Pixel C basks in the beauty of its high end design. Google has come up with a tablet for the first time without any collaboration and the labs of Google are bound to amaze the Pixel C users. The anodized aluminum frame gives the tablet a plush look.

The 10.20 inch screen has a brilliant display. An optional Bluetooth keyboard adds to the aesthetics of the Pixel C making it look even better. It weighs a little more than the iPad Air 2, but that does not make it uncomfortable to handle at all.

The one port that is available on the Pixel C can be used for connecting the tablet to a laptop and the same port is used for charging the tablet as well.

The tablet sports the Chromebook light bar which also shows you the battery if you double tap on it. This is helpful because you can know if your tab needs to be charged without switching it on to know the battery life.


An octa-core Nvidia Tegra X1 processor powers the Pixel C and the tablet comes with 3 GB RAM. The storage cannot be expanded and you can choose from a 32 GB and a 64 GB model. The graphics are spectacular rendering an awesome gaming experience to its users. The bright screen makes it a treat for the eyes. The tablet works without lag with multiple apps working at the same time.


The optional Bluetooth keyboard is the best accessory you can buy for your Pixel C. The keyboard attaches itself to the tablet with the help of magnets. The keyboard lies flat on the tablet and you can pull it up to any angle you want. The tablet automatically figures that the tablet is connected and knows whether you will need the on-screen keyboard or not.

The keyboard is as big as the tablet so some of the keys have been reduced in size. However, it is comfortable to use once you adapt to it. Sometimes, the Bluetooth connection may cause a problem and your tablet may not register anything you type. At times keys may also get stuck and you will find that the same letter has been typed more than once. These are some problems that the Pixel C team has to work on for a smoother performance of the keyboard.


The tablet comes with a 2 megapixel front camera and an 8 megapixel rear camera. Both the cameras are effective and produce good pictures. The 2 megapixel front camera may not be the best when compared to other tablets, and selfie addicted users may find the pictures to be less satisfactory.

Battery Life

Google advertises the battery life to be 10 hours for the Pixel C. Regular use shows that the battery can last for just as long. You can optimize the battery life by reducing the brightness of the screen as well. The tablet comes with a fast charger which makes it easy for users who tend to lose a lot of battery to games and videos.


The 32GB model is priced at $499 while the 64GB model would cost you $599. The tablet is competitively priced and offers features that are worthy of the amount you pay. For those who would like to add the keyboard, it costs an additional $149.

Final Thoughts

Google Pixel C is a great tablet and its design and features make it stand out among other tablets. Many apps are yet to be made for tablets which is what limits Android tablets. Google has come up with a great device and if more apps are available for tablets, this slate will become even better.



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