iPad Pro – Massively Brilliant

We have all been advancing into a world of sleek and slim devices which are comfortable to use and can be easily carried anywhere. Competing for slimness has led us to see phones and tablets that could hardly be imagined a century ago. Apple has always astounded its fans with some of the best devices which are not only great to work but are a treat for the eye. iPad Pro is the latest Apple device which is being talked about. It is a tablet with a notably big screen, bigger than any of the past Apple tablets.


At 700g, Apple has created the iPad Pro as a hefty device. The weight complements the size of the device which looks a little big for an average tablet but doesn’t quite fit the bill as a laptop. It has a brilliant screen and the four speakers on the corners of the device are notably powerful. They deliver great bass and treble effects and the sound does not muffle when you cover the speaker accidentally. The split screen view works perfectly on the large screen. The 13-inch screen is as impressive as Apple promises it to be.


The pencil provides the best experience to iPad Pro users. It gives you the feeling of scribbling naturally on the tablet. It recognizes handwriting very easily and the various levels of pressure are recognized easily by the Apple pencil. You can sketch freely with the pencil. Graphic designers may find it interesting but paying an additional $99 for the pencil seems to make it oddly expensive.


The smart keyboard is a welcome addition to the accessories of the iPad Pro. It has been long awaited for by many Apple users. The letters are generously spaced and it is very responsive. This means that the keyboard is a delight to use along with the iPad Pro. It does not have the trackpad, which would have been helpful when using the tablet like a laptop. Like the Apple pencil you may find the keyboard to be slightly overpriced. At $169 you may think of skipping the keyboard when buying the iPad Pro.


The smart connector is a small row of magnetic contacts which is used to connect accessories to the tablet. In addition to connecting the keyboard, you can also connect other peripherals to the tablet using the smart connector.

Other Specifications

The iPad Pro works on iOS 9 and is powered by an A9X chip. The 12.9 inch retina display aims at providing a spectacular display and comfortable viewing angles. Apple aims at setting new standards with the iPad Pro. The battery life is incredible given the size of the screen and the amount of battery it may use because of the high resolution display.


The Apple iPad Pro is a massive tablet. The fact that it can still comfortably be handled makes it a clever device. The accessories that can be used with it are also flawless and provide a great user experience. The attraction of the device primarily lies in the use of all the accessories that can be used with the iPad Pro. The cost is certainly a factor that has to be considered because the accessories have to be purchased separately.

For those who are willing to pay for the tablet as well as the accessories, they will have an awesome experience using the iPad Pro. It may not be the best replacement for your work laptop, however it is a great option for those who enjoy using their laptop on the go for watching movies, sketching or reading.

With the introduction of Apple Pencil, we anticipate more developers focusing on introducing apps which will make the most of the accessory. With the holiday season being close, sales may soar for the tablet and there is a possibility that it may encourage developers to focus on the tablet users.

The tablet is powerful and multitasks smoothly. Working on the iPad Pro provides a lag-free experience which is for most part quite evident of Apple products. With the iPad Pro being the first of its kind to include so many accessories, Apple is only getting better with the integration of tablets and laptops.


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