How to Generate a Secure Password?

Passwords have always been important. For centuries now, password has been used in different forms to protect important documents and essential things from being accessed by unauthorized people. With the internet being introduced to the world, passwords gained a new meaning. They became the means of securing all online data. But on the flip side, it led to hackers who devised ways to get hold of data through various means.

While many users are careful with the passwords they create, there are those who used simple passwords which could be effortlessly breached. To save you from the trouble of racking your brains for passwords, the internet now has websites which help you generate a password. You can choose from a variety of options when creating a password through these websites. With the help of these websites, you can get a password that is more secure and that has lesser chances of being breached.

  1. Safe Password

Safe Password is a helpful website when it comes to password generation. You can generate a password using this website for your work as well as your personal accounts. The website allows you to choose the length and the type of password that you would like to generate. The password is generated immediately once you enter the criteria for the password and click on New Password. If you do not like the password that has been generated then you have the option to start all over again.


  1. Secure Password Generator

This website works on the same lines. It allows you to choose the length of the password where it considers anything under 16 characters to be weak. You can select the criteria that you want to incorporate in your password and click on the button that says ‘Generate Secure Password’. This will bring a new password for you and you will also be able to see a breakdown of your password.


  1. Strong Password Generator

Strong Password Generator allows you to click on directly generating a password by clicking on the ‘Generate Password’ button. You have a ‘Show options’ button which will allow you to choose the criteria for the password that is generated.


  1. Norton’s Password Generator

Norton has a password generator too that can help you generate a secure password for your email or banking accounts. While the default criteria are good enough, you have the option to check or uncheck different criteria to help you with a password that is suitable according to your requirements. Simply click on the ‘Generate Password’ button and you will see your secure password.


Random Password Generator is another great tool for passwords. The website allows you to create a certain number of passwords that you can use in different websites. You can also choose the number of characters for the password but there is no other criteria that you can select. Once you have chosen the number of passwords to be generated and the number of characters, you can click on get passwords and the next page will display the desired number of passwords.


Choosing a strong password has become very important because of the rise of cybercrime. If you do not choose a unique password, then there is the chance of falling prey to one of those hackers who may end up stealing with your data. This data can be utilized in many ways, from accessing financial data to impersonating you on the internet. Personal, work and financial data are very sensitive and they can be used by hackers in ways that we can hardly imagine. So use a secure password by generating one that is unique and strong enough to protect you from the hackers who are always lurking on the internet.

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