How to Download YouTube Videos

When we think of downloading videos, the first thing that we must consider is whether it is legal or not. Copyrights are a subject that are very important and should be given some consideration when you choose to download videos. According to the terms of services of YouTube, you should not be downloading any video till the time the content does not specifically show a download option. Google ends up losing money when you watch YouTube videos offline. The company shows those ads so that it can monetize on the video streaming website. Only users in India are officially allowed to watch videos offline.

YouTube provides endless possibilities for you to share YouTube videos without breaching its terms of service. You can embed the link if you want to send an e-mail or share videos on the social network. Most of the time, you don’t really need to download a video, however, if you really must download a video, then here’s how you can do it.

Third party software can be very useful for downloading videos because of the fact that most of them are easy to use. Usually, you just have to paste the URL of the video and the software picks up the highest available quality of the video and downloads it. Some of the software options are:


  1. ClipGrab

ClipGrab has a search function in the software for the sites that it officially supports – YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion. You can choose a format in which you want to save the video and the software will automatically convert it. The formats include MP4 and WMV. It also supports audio only formats like MP3. This is donationware which means you don’t really have to pay for it but if you do, it will help the software stay afloat.


  1. YTD Video Downloader

YTD works with over 60 video-hosting sites. It has the ability to convert files to other formats as well. The basic version of the site is free but for a yearly fee you will be able to access more functions which include downloading multiple videos simultaneously and download acceleration.


  1. Any Video Converter

It is expensive software but it has additional features which make it worth the pay. AVC Ultimate claims that it has the ability to capture streaming videos as well just like Netflix. The Pro version costs you $49.95 and the Ultimate version is for $69.95. It also has the ability to rip DVDs and you can also do some video editing with this.


Helper Sites

If you do not want to install any software, then you can choose to use download helper sites for downloading the videos. Some of the options are:

  1. Savefrom

You can simply paste a URL of the video into and you will be able to download the video. In addition to YouTube, the website supports 35 other video sites. uses the domain name which means that you can just type it in the browser and you will be automatically directed to the website.


  1. ClipConverter

In addition to downloading the videos for you, Clip Converter also allows you to upload a video so that you can convert it to a format of your choice. For downloading the videos, you just have to paste the URL of the video.


  1. KeepVid

The website supports downloads from more than 50 sites. Simply paste the URL of the video and click download to begin the download. You must have Java installed on your system for this website to work.


Browser Extensions

Browser extensions make downloading a video even simpler provided you are fine with a crowded browser. However, if you are a Chrome user, you may find it a little difficult to downloading the videos. This is because Chrome and YouTube belong to Google, and the company does not let one division mess up with the other. Browser extensions that can be helpful are:

  1. FastestTube

It is available on all platforms and it also features an installer for Chrome which allows users to skip the Google Web Store. When you load a video page, you will find the “download this video” on the top of the page and it has all format options on display.


  1. Video Download Helper

This is an extension which is for FireFox users only. There are a number of format options available and you will be able to download when the icon for the extension animates.



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