DuckDuckGo and Google – A Close Comparison

Thanks to search engines, sitting in the comfort of your home, without budging much, you can access the huge world of information. Search engines have rendered encyclopedias obsolete and dictionaries can gather dust as the internet brings to us any information that we need. Google is undoubtedly one of the most used search engines. Many devices have Google as the default search engine. In fact Google search is the most common way to look for information. DuckDuckGo is a search engine that may not be used as commonly as Google, but it provides many features that you may love to see in Google. Here are some of the most prominent features that set the two search engines apart:


For those who like anonymity may not be big fans of Google. Every Google product knows what you have done on all of its other products. Even the search results are based on your internet usage. If you want unbiased results, DuckDuckGo will show you the same results that will be displayed for anyone else that uses the search engine. It respects your privacy and also offers privacy settings that will encrypt your search so that DuckDuckGo does not share your search with the sites you visit.

The fact that the search results are not tailored according to your past searches or your internet activity means that you will have a more balanced set of results. This may work as an advantage for those who like their search results to be unanimous but for anyone who wants a more personalized result Google works best.

Zero Click Info

DuckDuckGo displays information that is beyond the usual results, it is known as zero click info because you can get information in zero clicks. While you will have to click on a link and access the website to get information on Google, DuckDuckGo makes it simpler and faster for you with zero click info.

While Google does provide you information on a limited number of search results, if you are trying to search someone who is not as popular, DuckDuckGo yields more satisfactory results than Google.

Clutter Free

DuckDuckGo aims at bringing information for you faster. The search results have lesser spam and fewer ads as compared to Google. While using Google you may sometimes find yourself clicking through pages of the search results trying to identify the information you were looking for. DuckDuckGo solves this problem by bringing information that is of higher quality.

The search engine crawls the web to check for websites that are written by humans instead of computer. It considers websites that have too much clutter as low quality. This means that the search results may not be very high but the quality of the results will be better.

Additional Features

We have come to depend on many features offered by Google that makes the search engine more popular than the others. While video and image search may be common features, built in mapping and currency conversion are some other features that many users like on Google.

In addition to anonymity, DuckDuckGo also has an extensive list of features that include password generating, calendar and basic mathematical calculations.

The simplistic interface of DuckDuckGo and its quirky name may have kept the search engine from getting the popularity it should, but it is being recognized and gradually the search engine is picking up more traffic. It may be one of Google’s fiercest competitors putting anonymity as the biggest reason why users should switch from Google to DuckDuckGo.

We all have our own reasons for liking Google. One reason is that we have got used to the many products it has and we have chosen to ignore the tracking capabilities of the search engine. However, when we have an alternative search engine available which puts privacy at the forefront, we may consider using it.

DuckDuckGo provides us some great features and the search engine makes searching easy and quick as well. The ability of the search engine to bring high quality content and securing the privacy of its users makes it a great alternative to Google. You can give the search engine your own personalized look by choosing from a variety of themes and setting your region and language, and you may find DuckDuckGo to be a great search engine.

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