Best Encryption Software for Mac and Why Should You Use It?

Encryption plays an important role in data protection. Encryption software helps to keep our personal data safe. An encrypted data can be decrypted and read only by the user who has the password. Unencrypted data is termed as plain text whereas encrypted data is known as cipher text. The market is flooded with encryption software’s but not all software’s are good enough. After a lot of research and market evaluation we bring to you the best encryption software for Mac: Gnu PRIVACY GUARD.

About Gnu Privacy Guard

Commonly abbreviated as GnuPG, the software is a hybrid-encryption because of the combined use of symmetric-key cryptography for speed and public-key cryptography for easy and secured key exchange. The recipient’s public key is used only once to encrypt a session key. It is free software that implements the OpenPGP, allowing you to encrypt and sign your data and communication. GnuPG has an adaptable key management system and access modules for all types of public key directories.

Working of GnuPG

The software encrypts the messages using asymmetric keypairs which are individually generated by its users. The ensuing public keys can be exchanged with other users in many ways, like internet key servers. The keys must be carefully exchanged to avoid spoofing of identity; it can be done by corrupting the public key. A digital signature can be added so the sender and integrity of the message can be verified. GnuPG avoids the usage of any restricted software’s or patented algorithms, using a various other, non-patented algorithms.

There are 3 actively maintained branches of GnuPG:

  • 2.0.29 which is the stable version and is suggested for most users.
  • 2.1.11 is the new modern version with support for ECC and many new features.
  • 1.4.20 is the classic version, suitable for older platforms.

You cannot install the modern and stable version together; however either of them can be installed with the classic version.

Why Should I Use It

The software has many reasons as to why we should choose to use it over other software’s available in the market, some of which are listed below.

  1. GnuPG can be liberally used, customized and distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License.


  1. Encryption helps you maintain your privacy with people who you communicate with making it difficult for the many surveillance systems to track. If there is something important that you wish to hide, GnuPG is the right tool for you. For those that are unaware, GnuPG is the same software that Edward Snowden used to reveal his secrets about NSA.


  1. It can be easily downloaded from the official site


  1. You can visit the Email Self-Defense site and easily learn how and why GnuPG should be used for electronic communication. You can take prints of the guide from FSFE’s GnuPG leaflet.


  1. GnuPG itself is a command line instrument without any graphics. It is the real crypto engine which can directly be used from a command prompt, shell scripts or by other programs. Hence, can be considered as a backend for other applications.


  1. You can use the GnuPG software as a filter program.


  1. It can decrypt and verify PGP 5, 6 and 7 messages.


  1. New algorithms can be easily implemented using extension modules.


  1. You have an online help system available if you face any problems.


  1. Support is available in languages like English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, German, Esperanto, Estonian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Polish and Turkish.


  1. GnuPG gives you an option to receive anonymous messages.


  1. It offers customized development and porting to new platforms. Helping you to integrate GnuPG into your personal projects.


  1. It supports signature and key expiration dates.


  1. The software helps in clearing signed patch files that can still be processed by patch.


The above mentioned are uses of GnuPG software which are easy and highly used by millions of users. The developers keep developing and adding new versions and features to it as per the market needs. Use this free software and be safe while communicating anyone. Easy to install and download the latest version of GnuPG which was released on 26th.January, 2016 this year. Privacy is your right and available for free, go get the GnuPG.

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