Apple’s Labs Introduce another Wonder – iPhone 6S with 3D Touch

The ‘S’ series of iPhones have often been ignored by users who usually hope for a flashier device being announced by Apple in another year’s time. While the look of the phone remains unchanged with the follow-up phone, the undeniable fact is that the ‘S’ series have brought about some of the most interesting iPhone features like Siri and Touch ID. With 3D Touch being the latest addition to the iPhone, the 6S has a lot to entice potential iPhone users.

While 3D touch is the most eminent feature of the iPhone 6S, an improved 12 megapixel camera and an A9 chipset make it worth the buy. The rose gold color option is a refreshing addition that makes the phone reflects various hues of pink under different lighting conditions.

Live photos is an absolutely stunning feature available in iPhone 6S. The camera records a three second video along with the photo to make moments even more cherished. While you would never want to click photos without this feature again, you may end up losing space on your phone very quickly if you are an avid photographer because you end up saving a bit of the video along with the photo as well.

While we are discussing photos, it is hard to leave out the phone’s feature which allows you to click better selfies with the iPhone 6S. The phone turns the screen into a flash as it lights up three times brighter than usual to allow flawless clicks even in low lighting.

The ability of the phone to produce 4K videos is another feature that has received acclamation from its users. It is not the default option on the phone and requires a change in settings for users to shoot videos in 4K. It is also important to remember that 4K videos end up taking a notable amount of space.

iPhone 6S

The built of the phone is sturdier and it has gained weight since its predecessor, the iPhone 6. The phone is made from 7000-series, aluminum, which is the same metal used in the previous phone as well.

The phone is available in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB, however, the 16GB phone may seem to have minimal capacity to store the 4K videos and the live photos which are recent additions to the iPhone 6S. Users may find it tough to keep free space on their 16GB phones if they intend to utilize all of its features.

The phone’s battery size has reduced; although the 1715 mAh battery in the iPhone 6S does not have a substantial effect on the battery life of the phone. The battery lasts almost as long as the iPhone 6. The low power mode available in the phone can help you save battery and allows you to get through a day’s usage easily.

The 3D touch feature is gaining a lot of appreciation from its users who are hoping that more apps will have 3D touch support so that they can make the most of the new iPhone 6S feature.

Pricing for the iPhone 6S starts at $649 for the 16GB model. Apple has also introduced the iPhone upgrade program which it calls as “the best way to own an iPhone”. The program allows customers to get a new iPhone every year and users do not have to stick to a single carrier in doing so. You can switch carriers if you are not tied in a contract with your current carrier, and continue to be a part of the iPhone upgrade program with the new carrier. The advantage of the program is that customers will be paying in installments for the iPhone which is unlocked, so you can choose to use any carrier’s SIM in it.

Overall, Apple has introduced iPhone 6S with some excellent features making it difficult for the critics to overlook the “S” year. While the design remains unchanged, the color has a revitalizing effect. The added features have successfully grabbed the interest of the smartphone users, and while those who are using the iPhone 6 may want to wait for next year’s model, anyone who has an older model of iPhone should consider the phone. The iPhone 6S is also bound to add some more loyalists to the list of Apple phone users.

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