The Oculus Rift Experience – Here’s What Your PC Needs

At this time, it looks like more people are talking about the Oculus Rift than those talking about Leonardo DiCaprio making it to the list of Oscar winners. The reason is the impeccable PC specs required for running this Virtual Reality (VR) gear. So if you have been looking up the internet for the requirements of your PC to run the Oculus Rift, the answer may not be as pleasing as the specs themselves. You need a very powerful gaming ...

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Information and Library science Glossary

Glossary of some terms used in Libraries and in reference to Library Information Science and the storage and organization of Information:


A publication issued on a regular basis, which contains research published as articles, papers, reports, or technical specifications.


Handwritten or unpublished documents such as letters, draft copies of books, notes or correspondance.


Term used in libraries to describe media that is not printed, such as Video or Music media.

Periodical or Serial

Publications issued regularly such as magazines, newspapers or journals (serials are intended ...

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