Laboratory Information Systems Software LIS

The software to implement a Laboratory Information System is a powerful kind of application that is designed to manage, receive and process information. Specifically designed for use by Medical Laboratories to help Labs organize and process their work efficiently. LIS software is very versatile and can be customized for your Laboratories specific requirements.

Various vendors exist for Laboratory Information Systems and some specialize their software to be optimized for certain research fields, whereas others provide a broader more adaptable application. Obviously ...

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Towards adaptive information systems: individual differences and hypermedia

Sherry Yu-Hua Chen and Nigel J. Ford

1. Introduction

Hypermedia, which is a combination of multimedia and hypertext, is distinguishable from traditional computer assisted learning (CAL) by the node-and-link structure inherent to the organisation of information and the fact that it is also based on integrated media (Heller, 1992). Compared with alternative tools, hypermedia in the learning environment has been associated with a number of potential benefits.

2. Potential Benefits For Learning

Hypermedia systems possess a number of characteristics ...

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