Price vs. Quality with New Android Phones

Android phones have invaded the cell phone industry. Now almost every one who can not afford to get hold of an iPhone or wishes not to use an iPhone would like to try out what Android phone is all about and if it’s worth the buck. With all the hype and the different companies developing this kind of smart phone, it would be a tedious task to come up with a good decision as to what particular Continue Reading →


Best Screen Size for Android Phones

With the dawn of modern technology, cell phones have been brought to life bringing convenience and bridging the gap of communication between individuals. No wonder there is a handful of companies who are into the business of developing phones that will cater to the needs of the public. If there is one phone that captures the hearts of both teenagers and businessmen, it would be the Android phone. Can you imagine how this phone has changed the views of Continue Reading →


Android Phone Brand Choices

One of the most sought after gadgets today is an Android phone. It is a good alternative for an iPhone due to its lower price, easy to navigate features plus a lot of applications can be downloaded for free. Simply put, an Android phone fits much better for those who are on a budget and want to get much freedom to choose which application to download without the burden of having to shell out a single penny for one.

Whether an ...

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