MTS 916 Smartphone Looking Good

Smartphone MTS 916 – device with the operating system Android 2.1, GPS receiver, WiFi, 3.2 megapixel camera and autofocus. But all this is particularly the most important – price, instead of connecting to any tariff cost of the phone is only around $200. Let’s take a closer look with the phone and find out whether it their money, while the amount for Android – smartphone is ridiculous. 


  • Processor – Qualcomm MSM7227 clocked at 600 MHz;
  • Display – touchscreen TFT 2,8 inch, 240×320 pixels;
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g), Bluetooth 2.0, GPS;
  • OS – Android 2.1
  • Dimensions – 103 x 50,7 x 12,7 mm;
  • Weight – 100 grams;


Externally, the smartphone looks very nice, and the material is not bad, but it is very easily soiled. The front panel is glossy and semi mirror, but it is very easy to leave marks on your fingers. On the phone side is a silver bezel. The back cover soft to the touch and is made of soft material – a touch, that is, the phone does not slip out of your hands. The device has no large size and weight of this fits the palm of your hand and it is easy to carry in almost any pocket. Earpiece protected by a special grille. Overall, a nice design as a “whole.” 

Immediately beside slot dynamics is a special LED that indicates the owner of missed sms – messages or calls. Earpiece is made perfectly, the interlocutor can hear in almost any conditions. 

Under the touch screen function buttons are: two mechanical (device \ hang up the call) and three sensory (home, menu, back). It should be noted that the sensor is made on resistive technology, on the need to press buttons with some effort. Not a nice point is that functional touch-sensitive buttons do not have lights, so use them in the dark is not easy, because they did not find. However, mechanical buttons are backlit, though it would be better done conversely, the mechanics could at least find a finger. Under the “all clear” is spoken in microphone. 

The right side has the phone on its surface a thin click on the “swing” to adjust the volume. Despite the fact that it is almost completely hidden inside the body, it is quite convenient to use. Slightly above the volume control is a socket microUSB, through which the phone can connect to your phone and charge. 

The left side of the phone is absolutely smooth, no buttons and connectors on it there. 

The top end of the phone, as with many Android – smartphones equipped with a connector 3.5 mm headphone jack. Just here is the power button. 

The rear end is very concise, it houses only the “eye” camera and the logo “MTS.” Note that the lid fits tightly enough, take it off is not so easy, but it is absent, and the smallest gap. 

Display Properties 

To begin with, the display is quite decent, it is made by TFT technology and has a diagonal of 2.8 inches, with a maximum screen resolution is 240×320 pixels. Resistive screen that is not sensitive so you need to make a great effort to operate the touch screen, but you can use a stylus. Can not say that this is a minus. Rather, even a plus, because a large display for no opportunity to use the stylus much easier to work with the phone. Viewing angle on the phone catastrophically small little phone resizing of some images causes your view to become distorted, and increasing the angle of the picture fades in and see pixelation on the screen so viewing becomes quite difficult. The quality of picture looks like a dull and dry, lacking the bright saturated colors. The user needs to turn the brightness to maximum, or even under the sun the screen picture fades abruptly. 

Camera Specifications

The camera in the phone has a 3.2 megapixel matrix, this camera has autofocus, but no flash. Pictures can be done with a maximum resolution of 2048×1536 in and record video at a resolution of 320×240. On the downside can be attributed the fact that there is no separate button to start the camera. To have a shot to get into the menu and choose a camera. But overall image quality is not bad. In shooting mode, with the highest quality you can take a snapshot of the text, which can then be easily read on the phone. 

Our Verdict on the MTS 916 

The MTS 916 is almost perfectly balanced on functionality, price and quality. If your main concern is value for money prices, then perhaps this is the best choice for the money, but maybe a more modern version of the operating system would be better. While here it is worth noting that it is unlikely anytime soon that the software on this phone will be updated, so you will have to be content with the software as it comes, or use the custom firmware. 

MTS 916 Pros

  • – Low price;
  • – Android 2.1;
  • – Excellent design;
  • – Auto-focus camera;

MTS 916 Cons

  • – Low screen resolution;
  • – Not exactly convenient button to unlock it.
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