Sling TV Is Here – Watch out Old TV

Sling TV has come up with a refreshing approach in its campaign where it boldly demeans the traditional ways of watching TV like cable and satellite TV. If you have seen the latest ad of Sling TV, you will surely be able to relate with the ways in which we get caught in the old TV set up.

The advertisement shows how anyone who uses cable TV or satellite to watch television is caught up in contracts, hidden costs, paying for channels you do not like, unwanted bills and strong arm tactics. All of this boils down to one thing, very often we end up compromising for the sake of entertainment – mainly because of lack of a good alternative.

Sling TV’s tag line – Take Back TV – is a great way to bring back entertainment to the users without having to deal with any of the unwanted parts of it which is usually tied to the old TV ways. At just $20 a month you will be able to stream live TV without a cable connection or a pricey cable or satellite TV service.

Sling has turned the tables with offering the services at a reasonable price and no contracts. You can simply login and watch something online. This means that if you have been planning to watch the big game, you do not have to subscribe to it on your cable TV any longer.

Live sports is made available by ESPN and you can watch live news from CNN, Bloomberg and the like. The legitimacy of the product makes it a great choice. With an easily navigable interface and a clear design, Sling TV is here to make the traditional TV services look dated. An a la carte television subscription with so much to offer, has the ability to take on old TV services and come out victorious.

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