Research at the Division of Library and Information Science

Research at the School of Library and Information Science / Library School is concentrated in the following research themes:

Library and Cultural
Research on the library as an institution, its role in society, importance of individual as well as its development and change is a natural profile of the institution. Within this framework are a number of student projects and other research projects in collaboration with institutions within and outside the country and a center for cultural policy research.

Information Sharing and Knowledge Organization
Information Sharing and Knowledge organization is changing. The goal is to develop and apply information and communication technology in social processes to improve access to information and cooperation in diverse contexts across occupations, organizations, cultures, languages, geographical distance and time.

Information retrieval and information use
Information and information is the study of information behavior and information literacy in different contexts. With increased national and international publishing, research in Boras in this area has good distribution and increased research. The Department is also involved in the annual international conference in the field, the International Conference on Information Seeking in Context.

Information Management
Information Management related to information management in businesses and organizations. There is a growing field of activities for research, but also a growing employment market for students. During the year, several new projects planned in the area and several senior researchers and professors automated working with a focus on this theme.

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