How to Improve Battery Life of Your Smartphone?

Most smartphones use a lithium Ion battery or a Lithium Polymer battery. There are a lot of ways to care for the battery so that its life is extended. To improve the battery life of your Smartphone, you can follow these steps:

  1. Black Wallpaper

If you have a phone with an AMOLED screen which is the kind most of the Samsung devices use, then you must stick to a dark colour background. The reason why it saves battery is that AMOLED screens only light up the pixels which are coloured. Black pixels remain unlit. This means that the more black pixels you have on your phone’s screen, the lesser battery is required to fuel the screen’s wallpaper.


  1. Do Not Use Auto Brightness

Auto brightness sounds like a wise option but very often, it may be way brighter than what you usually need. You have the option to set up manual brightness which is often easier and is more comfortable for the eyes as well. If you are moving to a very bright environment where you need a brighter screen, you always have the option to brighten up your screen. It is very helpful in improving your battery life.


  1. Screen Timeout Settings

Keep your screen timeout time as short as you can. While we do not want it to be uncomfortable for you to use, choose a time period which is short enough for you and still practical for you to use the phone without having to unlock it from time to time.


  1. Lock Screen Notifications

Using lock screen notifications can help you save the phone battery especially if you have an AMOLED screen. This is because you have the ability of checking the notifications without unlocking your phone and turning on the whole screen. This is extremely helpful for those who get a lot of notifications.


  1. Schedule Sleep Time and Do Not Disturb

Try to set your phone on blocking mode to switch off the Wi-Fi or data connection for your phone when you do not need the internet service. It is wise to keep your phone in blocking mode when you are in a place where there is a bad internet connection. When your phone tries to connect to the internet time, it uses up a lot of battery. So use the blocking mode or switch of the internet when you are at a place where the Wi-Fi reception is not good.

If you cannot use your phone at work then put it in silent mode so that your phone does not use up battery for notifications when it is not needed.


  1. Auto Sync

If you do not need every single Google account to be updated regularly, then turn off auto-sync for the apps you do not need to stay updated on. When auto-sync is on, your phone continues to ping the provider to check if you have any new messages, this uses up battery. The waste of battery can be avoided especially if the app is not used by you very often. You can simply sync when you actually use the app and avoid unnecessary waste of battery.


  1. Updating Apps

When apps start updating automatically, you end up losing a lot of battery. While it is good to keep your apps updated because the app developers often include battery optimizing features in the updates, you may want to avoid too many apps being updated at the same time especially if you are trying to save your phone’s battery.


  1. Widgets

Many widgets can end up eating into your battery life. If you have too many live widgets which are updated regularly, you may be losing a lot of battery to these widgets. Remove those widgets that you do not use a lot. If you have widgets for Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and Reddit, you can always reduce the number of widgets by sticking to those that you use most. For the rest you can simply access the app.


Your phone’s battery life is dependent on your usage of the phone so while you can practice all these tips to optimize the life of your phone’s battery, you may have to practice restraint if you really want to see a difference in your phone’s battery life.

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