Internet Resources for Library and Information Studies

This guide is designed to point you in the direction of electronic resources available in your discipline. The Internet extends the reach of your Library to include a multitude of resources from all over the world, and it is hoped that this guide will provide you with a starting point from which you will be able to pursue your own interests.

For information on how to access electronic resources see the Guides to Internet Applications which are also available from the Information Desks of the University of South Australia Library. Topics include The Internet, World Wide Web, Email, Discussion lists, Newsgroups, Search Engines and FTP.

The connection information includes the title of the resource/document and the access protocol, eg ftp://, telnet://, http:// followed by the address of the host site and any subdirectories and login information.

Please be aware that electronic resources are subject to constant change, and your Liaison Librarian would appreciate your feedback on any out-of-date information or new links you feel would be useful.

Useful Starters

  • Archives of Australia Links to government and university archives in Australia and worldwide, professional associations
  • BUBL (Bulletin Board for Libraries) WWW subject tree, Library and Information Science section Based at the University of Strathclyde, Scotland, BUBL has a UK bias, but provides international coverage
  • Internet Library for Librarians Created by Vianne Tang Sha, published by InfoWorks Technology Company, USA
  • Library and Information Science guide from the University of Adelaide Library
  • Library Resource List from the Wisconsin Division for Libraries and Community Learning
  • PICK Quality Internet resources in Library and Information Science selected by Thomas Parry Library, University of Wales, Aberystwyth. This site is interesting to look at as a project as well as for the links it contains. An article describing the site can be found in Issue 5 of Ariadne see the Electronic Journals section below
  • Yahoo section on Libraries

Electronic Journals

  • Ariadne A Web and print magazine of Internet issues for librarians and information specialists, published in the UK. The Web edition includes material extra to the print edition, and information contained in it is updated between issues
  • D-Lib Magazine the magazine of digital library research, published in the US
  • The Katharine Sharp Review A journal ‘devoted to student scholarship and research within the interdisciplinary scope of library and information science’
  • Libres Library and Information Science Research Electronic Journal. An international, refereed, electronic journal devoted to new research in Library and Information Science published in the US
  • NetNexus the Internet Journal for Library and Information Technicians, published in Australia.

To find other relevant electronic journals, try
The National Library of Australia provides a number of links to journals covering Libraries, Archives and Librarianship
PICK see Useful Starters section, includes a useful and lengthy list of LIS related electronic journals and newsletters

  • Databases
  • BUBL’s Journals Table of Contents and Published Abstracts Service LIS section. Enables you to scan the contents pages of a wide variety of international LIS journals and view abstracts where available
  • UnCover
  • UnCover is a database which provides up-to-date access to the contents pages of over 17,000 journals, including some 800 Australian and New Zealand titles.
  • Link to more information about UnCover, including access
  • Current Contents
  • Current Contents is an alerting service which helps you to keep up-to-date by providing access to the contents pages of over 7000 journals in science, social science, arts and humanities. You can browse the contents pages of journals or search for articles on specific subjects or by specific authors.
  • Link to more information about Current Contents, includes access conditions

Professional Organizations

  • ACLIS Australian Council for Libraries and Information Services
  • ALIA Australian Library and Information Association. The professional organisation for the Australian librarians and information services sector
  • Australian Society of Indexers
  • CAUL Council of Australian University Librarians


  • ALA American Library Association
  • ARL Association of Research Libraries
  • ARMA Association of Records Managers and Administrators
  • Aslib Association for Information Management, UK
  • IASL International Association of School Librarianship
  • Internet Library Association
  • IFLA International Federation of Library Associations
  • Library Association UK

Library and Information Studies Libraries
Australian libraries from the National Library of Australia

International libraries

  • Hytelnet on the World Wide Web. This site gives access to mainly academic library catalogues (not home pages) and has lists arranged geographically and by library system vendor. It is also searchable
  • The Library Sites section of the Library Resource List (see Useful starters section) provides links to a number of indexes to library sites world wide. All types of library are covered

Discussion lists
The librarianship and information science disciplines have many discussion lists to choose from. You will find groups designed specifically for discussing cataloguing, academic and college libraries, acquisitions, Internet use in libraries, training, computer programming, special libraries, archiving, collection management, research libraries, circulation, staff development and many more

Because there are so many discrete topics to choose from, it is difficult to select specific discussion lists. Connect to the indexes below and select your own lists

  • For Australian discussion lists, see Ozlists – scroll down to the subject groups and select Library and Information Services
  • For non-Australian lists, try Liszt: Searchable Directory of e-Mail Discussion Groups – use the search box to type a search term or phrase, eg library or librarianship
  • Inter-Links: Search List of Discussion Groups also has a searchable index
  • Library-Oriented Lists and Electronic Serials also provides you with a compilation of mostly US electronic discussion lists, distribution lists and serials of interest. These sites are compiled and maintained by Wei Wu, University of Houston Libraries
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