Advanced Apple iPhone 5 Smart Phone Technology

The days of simple, prepaid cell phones are behind us; we have officially began the age of the smartphone. A dozen versions of the iPhone have already come and gone with more exciting versions bearing down upon us. Unfortunately, the release of the new Apple iPhone 5 is now being delayed, but considering all the new features its reported to hold, the wait will be worth it. We have detailed some of the expected innovations the new Apple iPhone 5 is likely to offer.

Apple has a reputation for offering top innovations around the world. This company is credited with delivering new innovative ideas time and time again. There are many instances where Apple launched new technological products that have had great impact of our lives. With so many manufacturers around, the market for mobile phones had already been heating up. With all that competition, they still keep coming up with new offers from time to time. Their latest boy on the block is the Apple iPhone 5, and it will take the market of smart phones for a ride!

It will have an upgraded ‘iOS 5’ operating system with access to the 4G networks. It has ‘video chat’ capabilities on 4G, a feature that up until now could only be delivered on Wi-Fi networks. You can acquire this amazing product via attractive iPhone 5 Contracts. It may even deliver you with a shatterproof and scratchproof screen. It will come in shiny black, and filled with state of the art technologies for mobile phones.

It’s expected to deliver 14 hours of talk time and battery life, and come with an improved stand-by time. You can expect it to be thinner and lighter when compared to predecessors and competitors. Many are expecting a big number of deals on the market for the iPhone 5. The deals will come in various formats and schemes, such as Contract, simfree, and pay-as-u-go deals.

If you opt for an iPhone 5 contract, you will get all the regular benefits of Contract deals, for instance some offer free gifts in the form of a laptop, LCD, PDA, free talk time and free texting, etc. etc. Aside from these you’ll find other incentives from the retailers, which will bring down the overall cost of ownership. It is expected to run on the Apple dual-core A5 processor. And because Apple iPhone 4 has a 5 MP camera, the iPhone 5 will feature an upgrade to 8 MP of camera, along with HD 1080P video recording. As is always the case, we can expect a lot of new surprises from their latest model. It has been speculated that you’ll see a radio frequency ID system on this phone. This suggests that this phone will carry features and functionalities that have never before been seen in a smartphone until now.

This new product will be endowed with all the latest technologies, which will make it the most advanced phone to date. The most current offer coming from Apple comes with 16GB and also 32GB Memories- but the new iPhone 5 will feature a 64GB Memory. Another important and much talked about new feature is the Face Recognition System it will incorporate, bringing security to a whole new level. The phone will only be able to be operated ‘after’ face recognition is authorized.

Designs for New iPhone 5 by Apple

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