Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga – Exquisite Display and Impressive Performance

Superb display, impressive performance and a huge price tag – Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga is a great laptop. Talking of the ThinkPad series, the company has always come up with impressive models which have been loved by people, especially business users. All models of the ThinkPad series have had positive reviews. With a massive Ram and a utilitarian design, there is hardly much that could go wrong with the ThinkPad models. As Lenovo continues to innovate to provide better models in the series, the latest edition has augmented the series to a whole new level.

With the built-in option OLED QHD display – first of its kind in the ThinkPad – you have a crisp view of the monitor. The laptop has a 360 degree hinge which allows you to use the X1 Yoga in a variety of modes. It is unarguably one of the best laptops that have been introduced to the market recently.


You will be able to connect the laptop to the rest of the models in the ThinkPad series very easily. Lenovo has continued to use the traditional ThinkPad design. The only change is the exclusive display. While many may find the ThinkPad to be a little dull, Lenovo unshakable fans of the ThinkPad find the design to be alluring enough. The keyboard is still the chiclet-style keyboard as seen in the other models.

The X1 Yoga is comparatively lighter and slimmer but we are not talking about an anorexic device which competes with other slim devices. The ThinkPad is a sleek device which chooses power over looks.

While the chassis and the keyboard retain their distinguishable features from old ThinkPad models, the display is the show-stealer. The ThinkPad X1 Yoga comes with QHD OLED display. This kind of display is superior to the usual LCD display that is used by most of the laptops.

OLEDS are great when it comes to clarity, sharpness, viewing angles and black levels. There are a few setbacks when we talk about OLEDs as well. The possibility of burn-ins and shorter life-span are some of the flaws of OLEDS. However, it is too early to talk about that now. The OLED version costs an extra $200, however non OLED versions are also available.


For those who prefer performance over looks, the X1 Yoga is a great laptop. The laptop comes with up to 1TB of storage. The RAM goes up to 16GB and the processor can go up to Intel Core i7 Processor. These are impressive specifications for a laptop that is as light and sleek as the X1 Yoga. This kind of configuration can yield great results and working on a machine with such specs can make the entire experience awesome.

Lenovo boasts of an 11 hour battery life which is good enough for users. The battery life for those who pick an OLED display is 9 hours. In both the cases the battery life is decent enough although it may not be the best in the industry. With Lenovo trying to offer so much of battery life on a laptop that is packed with such great features, power users may find the laptop to work for a decent amount of time before the battery dies.

The ThinkPad has three USB ports and it comes with a microSD slot as well. WAN support and OneLink+ support is also available on the laptop for those who are looking to use dual 4K monitors.

Additionally, users who worry about growing security issues will find the touch fingerprint scanner to be helpful for them. The X1 Yoga also comes with a stylus which can be charged by putting it in a small slot in the laptop. A 15 second charge will give you 1.5 hours of battery life for the stylus.

Final Thoughts

Anyone who enjoys a great display will find the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga to be a great laptop. The exquisite display will make it a great device for graphic designers, artists and photo editors. The price of the device may make the product available for a specific set of people only. Especially those who are focused on design. The OLED display makes it a great choice for users with design-heavy needs. Starting at $1,449 the laptop is an expensive choice for those who buy it.


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