New Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 Graphics Card DAWN Demo

Graphics card manufacturer Nvidia has launched a technology demo that shows what they already proved, that most graphics cards on the market can’t pump out the required visuals of advanced graphics machines. The demonstration is intended primarily to show the strengths of the new Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 card player, but can also be played on other newer cards.

Dawn Magic Rainforest Demo

In the demo, we see a colorful rain forest swathed in moonlight, with a rich and detailed plant life. Rainforest highlights the graphics possible using a fairy in this downloadable demonstration known as ‘Dawn’ which is demonstrating several interesting graphics. By adopting DirectX 11 technology, ‘Dawn’ has for example, created and displayed over 40,000 individual strands of hair that sways nicely on its own when the fairy figure moves her head.

The rich rain forest is also very detailed, and Nvidia use some time to brag about the impressive tree trunk that extends along the woodland. At one point the ‘Dawn’ rainforests consist of over 4 million polygon triangles.

Those who can little recall might remember that the demo fairy in ‘Dawn’ also featured in a ten years old Nvidia technology demonstration, which at that time demonstrated what the GeForce FX cards could do. Nvidia blog post sums up by saying that although this new demonstration cannot be said to be ten times as pretty as the first ‘Dawn’ demo, game developers will be able to grasp the potential of the major advances: The new ‘Dawn’ fairy figure lives in a world that is as rich and impressive as her. Let’s hope the game is going to impress the gamers, says Nvidia.

You can even download the demo from the graphics pages, but unless you have invested in the new Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 card you’ll not be able to see the detail that this demo is created to show off.

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