Multimedia Advanced Customer Communication Media

Communications Technology is a term used for the merging of Information Technology and telecommunications.

New communication technologies are being introduced to media at an astonishing rate that is alarmingly difficult. More and more categories in this field are involved in this development like Digital Television and Video, Multi channel television, PPTV Streaming Media, Interactive Television, Radio Broadcasting, Digital Signage, Cinema Technologies among others.

In the area of Computers and Consumer Electronics, new introductions on Communications Technologies like Personal computers, Video Games, Home Video, Digital Audio, and Digital Imaging and Photography. In the field of Networking Technology, innovations like Telephony, The internet, Social Networking, Broadband and Home Networks and Telepresence circumscribe our daily activities over the net. But the terms usually used are personal computers, faxes, IT networks, and other communication devices; it is also used to monitor and collect data for the environment and is integrated with applications that are deemed useful to the present issues involved.

Multimedia is now applied in combining text, video, and audio to communicate a message for broadcast television and radio, live entertainment, business, the internet, education, business, and science. Everybody is communicating from various multimedia tools like podcast, newscast, YouTube and other multimedia tools. This is how multimedia benefit from the use of communication technology.

Barnes and Noble, one of the nations top booksellers, use new ways and technologies to communicate with its clientele. They utilize the eNewsletter by sending you news via your email address when you are registered to their website. They also use Social Media Marketing to communicate to people en-masse.

There are numerous communication technology innovations that are just too many to mention and it is clear that we should adopt to the trend on where this technology is bringing us and be aware of its application in our lives.

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