Design and Develop of web information systems

Since the release of Internet in the nineties introduced the World Wide Web, many organizations are prepared to make themselves known to the world in this network , with the introduction of the language for hypertext HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) could be made pages where they put information about your organization or company and this brought a boom to this increased global sales mainly in the area of exports , thanks to this tool can reach many places in the world.

As the Internet was gaining a place as a great tool to sell, so it was not enough just to use it as an advertising medium, it was thought that if they could make transactions, such as a company to make online sales, catalogs show products , systems for sale if I have my company branch and parent has the control of the database, how are you things now led to trade -mail (e-commerce), this became a watershed in the development of systems So thank you began to introduce language programming for this type of interface as ASP with Visual Basic Script, C #, C + +, PHP , PERL, Java , Java Script that may interact with the language HTML com if they were one to result in web sites that become systems of information very powerful and robust.

This will begin to generate online sales systems, government organizations now also use new information technologies for their procedures and services , this is also contributing to a new kind of global trade more efficient and dynamic as well, to develop applications that can be controlled from a point, giving it the elimination of isolated systems and leading to systems where you can share information with branches without having to be looking for ways to make a connection alternate with a system , so that brought a very flexible way of communicating systems together thanks to these platforms for programming languages and therefore makes it universally and this brings benefits as the optimization of time and savings in costs of operation.

Well today the new technologies of information is a tool applied is no longer a luxury but a great tool for work necessary for the operation of an organization and is one of the keys to its success.

Chapter 1.

Preliminary analysis of information systems web
When an organization wants to implement a website which is not only a means of advertising , if not to serve as a working tool, whether to distribute reports, transactions as purchases and sales tools for the operating subsidiary, search On a more functional and allow the development of the organization, when this happens they must perform analysis .

As we know the analysis is the process of studying part by processes that are part of the activities of an organization to improve one of these processes.

Well for that we must do the following:

– An interview , in which notify when we have to have a chat to hear the problems and requirements which we will base for the design of the web application.

– Conduct a study of the processes that want to automate and organize Through questionnaires and interviews with the areas related to project (remember that users are the best sources of information) and to determine what information will be manipulated as will perform the data manipulation, where you should get information, who receives and analyzes ie, origin and destination of data to use.

– Make a record of the activities undertaken through this type of system.

– Evaluate the project’s feasibility, costs, legal conditions, infrastructure conditions information are necessary for the project to take place and functioning properly and without problems . At this point in the infrastructure we take into account:

+ If you have a link with access to Internet

+ Hardware with which account for the operation of the network (routers, hubs, etc.)..

+ The connectivity that counts, and the speed .

+ Servers .

+ If you already have web page

+ If you want to use databases for the system and information use.

– Document the interviews , questionnaires and all information useful for the design easier to make the information about the project is available for future contingencies as a re-engineering or adjustment to the application.

– Interact with users to better understand the processes .

– Allow users to participate in the process of analysis of the system because they can make great ideas because of their interaction with reality, the user’s presence is important for our system is well adapted to everyday situations that arise.

Recall the well formulated and structured analysis will give us much satisfaction in a project, as this will be the foundation for a structure computer is powerful as a system within the information superhighway.

Chapter 2.

Interface design
Now let’s get to this stage which is where everything that was analyzed is grounded to reality. To do this we must take into account the points raised in the analysis because in this stage we do:
Sketch of the screens and the sequence of flow to be deployed depending on which options are integrated into the system.
The code source of each program conducted for the system, including name of file , function performed, author and date of creation.
Dictionary of data , which includes the description of each structure of the tables or databases that interact with the system. Must bear the file name, creation date, field name, field type, field length, relations with other databases and name the key fields.
If the application will interact with other systems .
Optionally you can use any of the two types of structured design or prototypes used for the design of any system. Generally in such systems is well relieved by prototype design and that sometimes requires that projects are carried out quickly and this serves as a useful tool for this.
Recall that the design of prototype applications, in which the assessments for the system is done using an application created in advance and she performed the evaluation to see if the new system can be implemented or require improvements and adjustments in accordance to the needs of the organization
Document everything properly.
Subject to that assessment together with stakeholders in the project.

Take into account that in this part of this process is also important to involve the user and remember that we make full screen should be functional and friendly, they are the ones who give us ideas for a design with friendly features and also it that are useful and applicable to subsequent projects.

Moreover in this design must take greater account of the combination’s of colors , standards and policies of the organization , remember that the main objective of a website is to reach people and users of Internet and of course sell. This is essential because this will determine the success of both the page and the web system to be implemented.

We also do not clutter the screen with unnecessary information, taking into account sources , the mass size color , so that they are also apt to be recognized by software for people with problems of poor eyesight, so we must also not abuse many of the designs programs for animation. Let’s be careful also in handling the information verifying the ability of the server , if it is possible to implement the project, if there is to do the observation to update the equipment, so that when you deploy do not have to stop the project for this reason.

Chapter 3.
Selecting language and development application

Once the design stage and that has been evaluated, proceed to the selection of platform or language of programming in which will be developed the application.

To select the platform for application development should take into account the functions that make vain, that we computer, operating system, connectivity which account data platforms that have existing systems (in the as if the application will interact with other systems), taking into account the benefits offered by language programming in terms of data management, ability to execute programs, remember that these languages with server-side executions by we must take into account the time response to users, remember that these programs matter much how fast it performs a process, because as has been mentioned earlier are applications designed to have better conditions of marketing , design applications of web pages , and today there are many tools that help us visually to the task of designing pages without writing code HTML , XML , SHTML. In terms of programming languages for web applications there are also several languages, some well known such as Perl, PHP , VBScript, C #, Java , to help us with these tasks, are flexible and interact with languages such as HTML to generate output data and give the desired format and can be visible to the user, have the great advantage that they are very lightweight languages to run process information so we offer great advantages for this type of applications and software for the service online, the natives there is IIS (Internet Information Service of Microsoft ), Apache Web Server that can be obtained from the website of the company of the same name or operating systems are already included within their duties.

After setting and have everything ready, proceed to the development of the application, which is made according to the procedures and conditions set forth in the design stage, each program must make, author, program name, date held and function of the program.

Remember that it is good not abuse images and animations, it can make heavy our application and also if we want to reach people with disabilities and the visually impaired not to abuse it helps your voice software to manage computer equipment.

We note that the web server must be well organized the containing folder as a single parent folder for the Web service within this we will have many things to serve the users, so we spend a folder for your application.

In conducting this phase must also undergo a development assessment to see if they require adjustment or programs being correct.

Clear that we must take into account that we have staff trained in the language or to train personnel for the development of the application on the selected programming language, this in order to ensure the development of Web applications in a professional manner.

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