Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2015) Review: It Got Even Better

Users have been using the Kindle for years now. Kindle Voyage has been widely used by lots of people and preferably considered as the best. But, Amazon has launched Kindle Paperwhite in the market in 2015, and its high resolution screen has made it to be a real competitor. Amazon finally decided to upgrade its third Paperwhite with a 300ppi high resolution screen.

Look and feel

Comparing with its predecessors, its look doesn’t seem to be very different. It is still a very light weight with approximately weighing 205 grams and the 3G version being around 217 grams, so that you can easily hold the Kindle without feeling its weight for a long time. It is rectangular in shape having a 6 inch screen and there is a black bezel around the display screen.

It also has a USB port for connecting external devices, a Power button to switch on/off which is located at the bottom corner and an LED Indicator which indicates that the device is charging. A very soft touch finish of matte can be sported at the backside of the Paperwhite, which in turn provides a fine grip to hold it.


The display screen has a 6 inch display having 300ppi resolution supported by Carta e-paper latest technology. The previous 2013 Paperwhite sported a 212ppi resolution display. Display doesn’t get affected by strong or dazzling light, so you can read under the sun light or outdoors pretty easily. It provides 16 grey scale level and a fabulous contrast. Pixel density is high which makes the text to look sharp and crisp, which is very similar to reading a paper book. It’s much better when compared to previous Paperwhite.

According to Amazon, touch grid provided for the Paperwhite has been tightened by 19%. The touch panel seems to be quick and responsive, but the touch provided in user interface still remains to be little limited when compared with tablets. Display of the Paperwhite is being made front-it and Amazon has claimed that it has an improved and better front light. Also, the lightning seems to be uniform throughout the display.

So, the display is fantastic and impressive and beets the top Kindle Voyage with its 300ppi display resolution.

Battery life of 6 weeks

Amazon has claimed that the battery can last up to 6 weeks when it is used for 30 minutes every day provided that brightness level is 10 or lower and also the wireless connection has been turned off. And the estimate actually seems to be correct. The battery life of Paperwhite is absolutely stunning. Only the eBook readers can compete to it in terms of the battery life. If you travel a lot, this device is for you as you can carry it for a month and still you will be satisfied. If you don’t, no need to worry as it has a Micro USB for charging.

Software and UI

The software has not been much modified or changed and it still runs with the software of its predecessor with some small amendments. Bookerly has been introduced, which is nothing but a font designed to be used for reading purpose on digital device screens. It also has a completely new engine for typesetting, spacing has been improved, and large font sizes are provided for experiencing improved layout control. The new amendments to layout and typography will surely help to reduce the eyestrain while reading books.

The performance has improved as it has got 512MB RAM and 1GHz processor inside it to speed up the processes.


Kindle Paperwhite (2015) is second to none and has only Kindle Voyage preferred over it for having a slightly better design screen and also physical buttons, which are for those who don’t like to tap the screen for turning the page. It can be bought at $120 along with ads and $140 with no ads. 3G version costs you $190 with ads and $210 for 3G version with no ads. When compared to Kindle Voyage, which will cost you $200 along with ads and Wi-Fi or $290 for 3G version with no ads, it is quite clear that it’s less expensive. It is a good choice if you want to have a bright screen and no lagging.

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