Samsung GT I5500 – A Stylish Touch Phone on Android 2.1

Now nobody will be surprised smartphone based on Android OS. It’s no secret that Samsung is one of the first has adopted the operating system from Google and has already released more than one phone with the Android OS. We look at another phone from them – Samsung GT I5500. This model was announced in February this year 2011. The device runs on Android 2.1. 

Consider the specifications: 

  • Touch screen diagonal of 2.8 inches, the resolution of QVGA resolution
  • Dimensions mm 56h108h12 
  • Camera 2 MP – 1600×1200 
  • Wireless WiFi, BlueTooth 3.0 
  • Processor ARM 11 Qualcomm MSM7227-1 with a clock speed of 600MHz 
  • Memory – 170 MB of built-in and support for cards up to 32GB 

The phone’s design is very similar to Samsung Corby. However the GT I550 is a little better, and even black plastic attached to an expensive model chic. The front bezel is made of plastic as well, but it mimics the metal. In general, this stylish touch phone with an excellent display from the bottom of which there are four buttons to control and quick navigation. Just below the screen is located in the center of the four way button navigation, but it is worth noting that its use is very rare. 
The back cover is made of the same black plastic as there is a 2 megapixel camera and the words “With Google”, which reports a membership to an operating system Android. 
Phone fits the palm of our hand, but it is somewhat heavy for a model made of plastic. Touch screen control is convenient, even with one hand, but the arrow keys require some skill practice. So when you press the central navigation key, you should try to set the phone falling out of hands. 
On the front panel are standard for guglfonov button – search, home, back, menu button and receive and reject calls. Picking up the phone immediately you will surely notice that there is no button which are used for many years – at GT I550 missing button quick launch camera. Certainly not pleasant, but not fatally. 
On the right end button is missing completely, and the left side is a button and volume control cap to micro – USB. Top is 3.5 mm jack for headphones and headsets. 
Model GT I5500 is equipped with touch screen diagonal of 2.8 inches, too small, but it is enough. If you pay attention to the quality of the display, it should be noted that it displays the colors quite accurately. The only drawback to the sun was “pale”, but this can be corrected adding some brightness. Sensor rather pleasant, not harsh. In general, the screen can be hard to put the Quartet. 


Despite the fact that the camera has a matrix of a 2 megapixel, it has excellent quality and not much different from other, more powerful. The absence of flash a little depressing in the dark and difficult to photograph. But it has a good autofocus. Pictures are very clear and detailed. The camera can take pictures with resolutions up to 1600×1200 pixels. In addition there is the ability to record video at up to 15 Hz. 


I would like to note at the end of the main advantages and disadvantages. On the downside the device include: 

  • Low battery capacity – 1200 mAh 
  • Does not support 3G – speed Internet does not get 
  • No buttons to quickly start the camera 

Now, the pluses are more: 

  • A respectable appearance and design 
  • Capacitive touch screen with good brightness 
  • Charge and sync with your PC via micro – USB 
  • Quick search 
  • Software stuffing sharpened by work on the network
  • Android OS 

In general, the phone has great quality and fit fans of modern devices. The phone is fast enough, no brakes is not noticed. High-quality touch screen makes the phone quick and pleasant. And the price of the phone is reasonable too, average retail price of Samsung GT I5500 is $280-350.

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