Pros and Cons of Apple iPad 2

Well, everyone (most people at least) are caught up in the iPad 2 frenzy, and since the day it was made available for the public, many users have been seen queuing outside of the Apple stores way before dawn just to get their hands on one. Before committing to a tablet, or any other gadget, it is important to weigh its pros and cons – just to see if it’s worth the investment. Let’s start with the pros, and then move on to the cons of iPad 2.

The most attractive features (an advantage, but it really depends on who you ask) of the iPad 2 is the much improved speed and a much thinner profile. The iPad 2 is now 15% lighter than the iPad and 1/3 thinner, it is also running on a A5 dual-core processor. Improved speed in terms of helping you with your working (or studying) and speed in loading pages or sending out mails are also major pluses for the users. And as for the slimmer profile – oh well, what’s not to like about it? It’s easier and handier to bring about, thus, users are able to work on the go – be it receiving emails from their clients, or replying to their love ones.

The front and back cameras on the iPad 2 are useful when it comes to the FaceTime app as well as other video conferencing apps. The LED-backlit display also provides the user with good quality (vivid, bright and crisps) visuals – be it for reading, video conferencing or watching a video. The various apps that come with the iPad 2 are also attractive and diverse, from education to business, and work and social related to leisure.

The iPad 2 also has a battery lifespan of 10 hours and up to a month of standby time according to the reports. Not to mention that the iPad 2 also has a compatible Smart Cover that is able to protect the tablet and be a fashion statement all at once. The smart cover is also invented to aid the users in holding the iPad 2 in place for various purposes.

Moving on to the cons of the new iPad 2, first on the list would be the pricing which is not so friendly to some individuals. The slimmer iPad 2 may seem a little fragile as compared to the other tablets in the market. There are also no additional features on the iPad 2 such as no USB or SD card reader, and the battery of the iPad 2 is also not removable.

The iPad 2 may come with the HD connection kit, but it requires additional costs to acquire such privileges. According to user reports, there is not much improvement to the iPad 2 as compared to the first generation iPad – the only major difference between iPad 2 and its predecessor is the fact the iPad 2 is thinner and faster. If you already have the first generation iPad, perhaps it is not very feasible to upgrade your tablet for such small improvements. But if you think that the thinner and faster iPad 2 is worth the upgrade, then by all means, get your hands on Apple’s latest gadget now.

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