Price vs. Quality with New Android Phones

Android phones have invaded the cell phone industry. Now almost every one who can not afford to get hold of an iPhone or wishes not to use an iPhone would like to try out what Android phone is all about and if it’s worth the buck. With all the hype and the different companies developing this kind of smart phone, it would be a tedious task to come up with a good decision as to what particular smart phone to go for that is powered by Android.

Aside from the brand name and features, going for a much better quality phone or a cheaper Android phone will end up as a heated debate for consumers. It all boils down on the preference of the user. To give you an in depth understanding between quality and price, read on.

Quality of Android Smart Phones
1. The life span of the phone is much higher compared to a cheaper version.
Of course, you can expect to be able to use the phone for a longer period of time since it is made from good quality material and the process is within the standards set by the company.

2. It can handle as much daily wear and tear without breaking into pieces and looking old.
How would you feel if the Android phone will still look in good condition after a year of using it? For sure, you can say to yourself that indeed the phone is worth every buck.

Android Phone Price

1. Cost-efficient, it saves you money.
Are you the frugal type of person? If you are, then for sure the price of the phone is a big deal to you. If you want to save money you want to go for an Android phone that is affordable not too much expensive.

2. Extra savings can be used to buy paid apps.
The savings you get from buying a cheaper alternative can be used in order for you to purchase paid apps. At least, you will be able to enjoy fully the capabilities of the Android Smart Phone and the many apps available to use with your new mobile phone.

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