New Apple iPhone Features Expected to be a Hit!

Apple just recently launched its Apple iPad 2 for replacing its original Apple iPad, which was very successful – but now they’re planning on replacing their Apple iPhone 4, which was also very successful. The reason for this move by Apple, is to stay competitive with growing companies and products, like the HTC Desire HD. This new iPhone 5 is expected to be a step up from the iPhone 4, which to date is revered as one of the best iPhone models ever, but it did come with some signal issues. Thus, the Apple iPhone 5 is on its way!

Possible Designs for New iPhone 5 by Apple

The new phone’s announcement is expected to be formally publicized by Apple around mid-year June/July 2011, but it’s just a rumor. One thing that we haven’t seen or heard about yet, is the size of the new iPhone 5’s screen. Apple has, for a long time, gone with a 3.5 inch display screen for their iPhones, but some of the media buzz is that this new iPhone model will be offered with a wider screen. This is supposedly going to come about due to a lot of the competition producing their own 4.3 inch screen displays. This would give them a big advantage over Apple iPhones since theirs has been kept at 3.5 inches up to now. But still, even this change isn’t expected to be too much, upping the size to only 3.7 inches. It will supposedly retain its retina display technology, and not take too long changing to a newer technology if needed.

The camera involved is expected to undergo a major revamping as well. This should come as no surprise, with the presence of its 1080p High Definition video recording abilities in its rear camera. One thing some don’t expect, but some do expect, is the NFC technology. This has been put forward for next generation models of Apple iPhones. Prices are said to be kept near to what the current model prices are.

This phone is expected to be different to the current version is in terms of design. It should have a plastic or metal case on the back to help avoid some of the signal issues found in Apple iPhone 4. This massive performance boost should be provided by a dual-core processor. Reports have it that this processor could be a 1.2 GHz processor, but having the new dual-core technology, Apple could simply stick with the same old 1 GHz processor. The dual-core processor will boost performance massively, enabling the iPhone 5 to have no trouble operating at optimum performance, even while playing 1080p full HD videos.

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