iPad and Ebook Comparison

Things to Consider when Choosing an iPad over the eBook.

Many gadget fans these days will recommend you purchase an iPad instead of an eBook, thats for sure. But if you already own an e-Book you will have hard times into deciding whether or not you should stick to your eBook or buy this other device which will cost you some extra money.

We will introduce you to the features that make the iPad a better choice for your eReading experience. Once you learn about these features you will find this new device being a better version for your reading purpose. Check them out:

* One aspect that we want to draw your attention to is the typography. When you take a look at e-books and compare them with iPads, you will find that the former are designed to present a good representation of actual newsprint or the font used in hard copy books. More than this, they come with a great replica of the feel and aspect of hard copy reading. On the other hand, iPad come with an IPS that has a full color display of 60Hz refresh rate offering images of a high quality not only for the print but also for videos and still pictures.

* Touch screen is in many ways similar to that of an eBook but there is something that makes it a tad different with an iPad: its functionality provides a more interactive experience to the user. There are limitless browsing capabilities that can not be compared to those of its counterparts.

* There is a full access to almost any library stores that include the most commonly known ones such as: Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Not to mention the iTunes store, too.

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