Apple iPhone 5 possible Late June 2011 Release Date?

If there has ever been a ton of speculation about any particular device, then the Apple iPhone 5 has to top them all. Apple has still not made any official announcements about an iPhone 5 launch in 2011, but the release date and price details we’re hearing have all come from speculation and leaks.

But it is highly likely that this new device will have a mid-year launch. The latest rumours indicate a possible iPhone 5 launch towards the end of June 2011. It’s a bit early to discuss their contracts and deals. It’s also a bit early to speak of purchasing a new Apple iPhone 5 .
However, speculation and rumors will evidently continue. It does feel as though Apple will stick with their regular habit of having a June or July release for their new iPhone. You can believe that even as the competition ratchets up their efforts in order to keep up, that Apple is definitely going to deliver a new product that offers much more than mere cosmetic upgrades and changes. Apple has a reputation to keep up, and you can be sure that this next generation iPhone will be keeping with their standards.

Apple iPhone 5 Appearance Speculation

You can glean from information from the famed Wall Street Journal that Apple will most certainly be offering a wider touchscreen for the iPhone 5 Orange. While you still shouldn’t get too excited, it’s been speculated that it will be a 3.7 inch display only.

We can expect Apple to deliver a shinier model with a lighter all-metal frame with excellent design. It seems that this time around Apple is keen on rectifying any shortcomings and being closer to beating the competition by adding an 8 MP camera to the iPhone 5, loaded with features and options.

Another feature that you can count on will be the new operating system, the iOS 5. And one that everyone will be looking forward to, will be the NFC, or the ‘near field communication’ software. This makes it possible for handsets to be swiped, much in the way credit cards work, and payments can be made through these handsets. So this NFC feature will replace credit cards with new mobile phone deals and will be something we’ll be experiencing in our near future.

Like stated above, Apple iPhone 5 contracts and deals still have some time left to play out. But it does look as though around the end of June of 2011, or early July, you could be in position to purchase an Apple iPhone 5 for an affordable price.

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